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Zylus Group International launches Rentizy

Leading provider of real estate and property development services, Zylus Group International, has launched an innovative and exclusive product, Rentizy, that will enable the man on the street to acquire a house.

Group managing director, Zylus Group International, Oluwatosin Olatujoye, in an interactive session with journalists and stakeholders, made this known yesterday at the company’s headquarters in Lagos. Olatujoye said, “One of the visions of the company is to provide shelter to people and we have been innovative in our operations by bringing creative ideas that people can key into. We have acquired plots of land in various parts of the country for our projects that will enable Nigerians participate in and not just Lagosians alone.

“We keep working to ensure that we attend to much people and God will give us strength to achieve these projects.”

Talking about ‘Rentizy’, the GMD noted it is one of the innovative ideas that the company has come up with and its is the first of its kind in Nigeria.

“It is an idea that came up with the fact that we have studied the market and realised that a lot of people want to earn rental income and the only way they feel they could go about it is to buy a land, build that land, look for a tenant to live in the house that they have built and people will start paying rent for it.

“ We are coming in to stand in the gap for people who may not have the time to build a house, rather they can invest certain amount of money into the project and they become income earners as long as they want.

“The duration is 14 months, which they start to earn rental income and if they want to continue to enjoy the rental income, they keep paying the money.

“Rentizy is from rent-made-easy because it aims to solve the challenges of rent and also it provides shelter to people.”

Olatujoye said the three benefits in Rentizy include rent to live, rent to own, and investment. “Our business model has always been that we don’t want to eat alone, we want to share with people and let us grow together.”

Chief operating officer, Wasiu Shonekan, added that the organisation is constantly looking at peoples’ needs and creating solutions to their problems.

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