We’ll meet in court, Gololo tells Akpabio, others

•Says they lack jurisdiction

From Idu Jude Abuja

A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Dr.  Garus Gololo, has threatened to sue the Senate President, Goodwill Akpabio, over what he termed ‘illegal suspension’ of Senator Abdul Ningi representing Bauchi Central.

    In an interview, Gololo said the people from the senatorial district, would not take it lightly as they might head to court to seek redress for being shot out of the national dialogue.

According to Dr. Gololo, the suspension of  Ningi remains unconstitutional, as according to him, the Senate lacks the powers to suspend him for three months.

“It seems we don’t learn from the past. They forgot that Senator Ningi is an individual who represents millions of people. In the past, Senator Ali Ndume suffered the same humiliation, but he approached the court and there were senators that did the same when they were insulted.

“And for Senator Ningi to be suspended, due process must be followed, and that is the process of recalling him through his constituency and senatorial zone. I was once among those who supported the emergence of Akpabio for Senate president. As a detribalised Nigerian, I wanted a balance of leadership, but the way it is, he is becoming a rubber-stamp Senate president.”

Dr. Gololo described the punishment meted out to Ningi as a political witch-hunt intended to smear his good name. He argued that Ningi’s name should not have been dragged to the dust for speaking out.

“Yes, of course, Akpabio has just undermined his abilities as a Senate president. If Ningi has made comment Akpabio found not in line with Senate rules of engagement, then there must be a process to determine or deal with such.

“And we know Akpabio very well and what he did during his time as the minister of Niger Delta. Since he is out to probe others, we also should open his books, and this time, we have to meet in the court.”

He also observed that for many senators to come out and reveal the terrible and inhuman things happening in the upper chamber means that so many things have gone wrong.

“Of course, you should know this and we know that many things are going to be exposed. Just a few days ago, we knew about the selected senators, who collected over N500 million. We will hear more soon,” he declared.

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