Kogi dispatches 10, 000 contingents for 2018  Civil Service Games

Emmanuel Adeyemi, Lokoja

No fewer than 10, 000 contingents drawn from over 70 participating ministries, departments and extra ministerial departments are to participate in this year’s Federation of Public Service Games (FEPSGA).

The game, which is being hosted by Kogi State at its 37th edition, is billed to commence from December 5 and will come to a close on December 15.

National President FEPSGA, Comrade Aloku Amaebi, who disclosed this, on Wednesday, in a pre-games seminar, in Lokoja, said the Federation of Public Service Games is the umbrella body of sports in all ministries, parastatals and extra ministerial departments in Nigeria.

“We have 16 competitive games in the annual public service games and the host State is also expected to participate bit we don’t allow professionals.

“The professionals should be at the annual sports festival as this game is for only public servants, civil servants including parastatals and also agencies. I am sure Kogi State is also prepared to also participate in the games.”

“This is the first time Kogi State is hosting FEPSGA games coincidentally it is the 37th edition of the annual public service games.

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“Governor Yahaya Bello assured the body that all the facilities would be in good State and that security would also be provided, enough for a decent annual public games to take place.”

He said we their stay in Lokoja will impact positively on the economy of the State as every average Kogi man, woman, every trader, all Hoteliers would feel the impact of the annual public service games.

“It is a way of investment as it would boost the economy of the State because all Federal workers are coming in and you know what that means in terms of the economy of the State.

“So I want to thank the Governor for this good and laudable initiative because it is another way of empowering the good people of Kogi State.”

Amaebi state the governor has put in place all arrangements and by tomorrow(today) they are expecting their contingents to arrive from Abuja.

“The participating ministries, departments and extra ministerial departments are up to 70 so we are expecting about 10, 000 contingents in Lokoja tomorrow as all arrangements are in place.”

He also explained that the Annual Public Service Games is just one of the cardinal activities of the FEPSGA.

“We have a range of other activities that take place on monthly basis but all those activities will terminate with the Annual Public Service Game which is the last activity for the year.

“The essence of the programs of the FEPSGA is to ensure that civil servants are physically fit, mentally healthy to face their challenges in office.

“It is symbolic as civil servants participate at this games. The lesson of the games as we keep preparing three months, four months, five months for the games it is expected that they are physically fit and mentally alert to face your challenges in the office. “So, it is not a razzmatazz it is something that the benefit should be derived in terms of your productivity in the service.”

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