It’s my destiny to be an entertainer, content creator – TikTok star Celyn Ukam

Though it remains a burning debate, it is believable than not, that no one comes into this world without a predestined course of event. If anyone doubts it, Nigerian content creator, TikTok star and fashion model, Ufim-Onne Efut Ukam, professionally known as Celyn Ukam, thinks she was predetermined to do what she does and ultimately become a success story.

Born in 2000, the last child of a family of four grew in a home where togetherness and pure love were natural. As such, her Christian parents raised and taught her values such as kindness, honesty, and respect for others. Celyn Ukam recalled that “when the family is together, we eat, play and make jokes together as an indivisible family. The love is massive from everyone”.

After her primary and secondary education, Celyn Ukam, a native of Biase Local Government Area in Cross River State, obtained a degree in mass communication at the University of Technology, now University of Cross River State, three years ago. Her passion and love for arts and entertaining others drove her to begin content creation in 2020, after the COVID-19-induced global lockdown. Entertaining people came naturally to her. The consistency in churning out creative content has brought her huge success.

Under four years of content creation as a career, Celyn Ukam has become a leading profile in the Nigerian entertainment space. With 4.1million fans on social media, there is no better way to describe success. The content developer looked back in an interview to explain how she chose this, among other paths she could have followed.

“I’ll say fate pushed me towards that direction/field. Ever since my childhood, I’ve always had a keen interest in performing art and creativity ranging from dance, drama and comedy. Growing up in a world with vast technological diversity made it easier and possible. Gone are the days where one must have access or acquire sophisticated gadgets (camera and video camera). Technology has made it easier that, with a good smart phone, you can create whatever content you crave for”, Celyn Ukam said

“Another compelling factor is my ability to always make people laugh, entertain and feed the public with my creative contents too. As a content creator, I’m constantly immersed in the dynamic world of digital innovation, where emerging technologies reshape how content is produced, delivered, and experienced. It’s a thrilling journey to explore the profound influence of technologies on the content landscape and how they redefine how I engage with my audience”.

Celyn Ukam spoke on the sacrifices content creators pay to stay relevant and ensure their fans are not starved of good entertainment. The pretty actress who has featured in several multiple films and television shows, bemoaned the demand of the job to stay relevant and regularly produce contents. She referenced having to brainstorm on ideas every time and working almost none stop.

“As a content creator, you are constantly juggling multiple tasks and deadlines. From brainstorming ideas to drafting content, editing, publishing, and promoting, it can be overwhelming.

‘Consistency, focus and determination are more than just buzzwords. They are central to building a successful content creation strategy. Consistency, means showing up day after day, week after week, with high quality content that your audience can rely on. It means delivering contents that align with your brand voice and messaging that resonates with your audience,”Celyn Ukam stressed.

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