CELSIR launches new scheme for incarcerated women

Centre for Legal Support and Inmate Rehabilitation (CELSIR) has launched a new scheme to rehabilitate formerly incarcerated women in Nigeria.

CELSIR Executive Director, Joke Aladesanmi, said the scheme which is executed in partnership with A New Way of Life is named: “The Ruby House.”

Aladesanmi said: “The Ruby House stands as a shelter for formerly incarcerated women, offering them a haven to embark on the journey of reintegrating into society. Here, they are equipped with the essential skills and support needed to foster independence and pave the way for a brighter and empowered future as they navigate their path to societal reintegration.

“The Ruby Safe House, designed to accommodate 15 residents with comfort, adopts a holistic approach to the rehabilitation of formerly incarcerated women. The facility includes specialised areas such as a skills room, a library, and an individual counselling space, fostering an environment conducive to comprehensive recovery.

“Moreover, a designated room has been allocated to provide privacy for nursing mothers and pregnant women, recognising and catering to their specific needs. This thoughtful design ensures the Safe House is not just a residence but a supportive and tailored environment for the diverse needs of its residents.

“CELSIR and A New Way of Life are united in their commitment to breaking the cycle of recidivism (re-offending) and ensuring every individual, regardless of their past, is granted the opportunity to rebuild their lives and contribute positively to society.”

These organisations remain committed to their dedication to helping inmates rebuild their lives and find their footing in the society.”

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