Thinking out loud about the NYSC

NYSC: Thinking Out-Loud about the Youth Corps

March 18: Going by the types of mentions on Twitter, it appears that the national youth service corps (NYSC), the popular program Nigerian university graduates have been required to enroll in for a year since 1973, may be, for whatever reason, losing some of its cachet among ordinary Nigerians. #NYSC trended wildly Thursday, with lots of tweets focusing on what’s wrong with what has essentially become a paid extended summer camp for young adults. Those who’ve lived through the once-in-a-life time experience offered suggestions, memories, impressions and the aftermath.

Sapiosexual ‏@ChukwukaJerri
NYSC should be made optional.
I hope I am making sense.

Fola Banji ‏@Uncle_Fola
NYSC: Breaking up relationships since 1973.

Satyagraha ‏@GbodiLuther
The NYSC scheme ain’t empowering anyone. I don’t espouse it be abolished, but be reviewed with better ideas & policies.
David Obed ‏@DAVEOBED
NYSC wasted your year because you let it!

Natu ‏@Hannatu_tt
Do you know that with N19,800 monthly allowance NYSC pays you, some people have developed and established business?

NYSC is just FG giving you the opportunity to test chicks from different regions of Nigeria. Real G’s will be grateful. NYSC rocks!

The Emperor ‏@bakrinconnects
Yea. Sometimes it’s the ‘poor’ secondary school gals that want some action with the NYSC boys .

Blvck Mischief™ ‏@Ken_3dy
Well another thing NYSC helps you do is teach you how to be prudent in spending. Believe me, you get to learn to be economical.

Don’t get it twisted, I’m not a 10 figures monthly income earner but I have what it takes to take you out of your redundancy as a NYSC guy/gal.

CeeJayy ‏@ceejayesq
I don’t get why people hate NYSC so much. For me it was a time to be merry & chill before the harsh realities of life roared in.

E.coli ‏@Mista_Wizle
I go to NYSC camps as one of the collaborating agencies and we don’t even care which University you are from, whether private or public.

To get a job here in 9ja after NYSC, you really need to dust your Bible well because ‘man know man’ is now the way forward.

Finetuned ‏@icent222
If after NYSC the only thing you ‘gain’ is living in somewhere new and meeting new peeps, then it tells little about our youth empowerment skills in Nigeria.

As a new NYSC graduate, the earlier you put that euphoria behind you, the better. The reality is some depressed, unemployed guys were once in your shoes.

Mberede chimaobi ‏@Costan306
Everybody wants to graduate and go for NYSC and when it’s over, they’d want to become undergrads again.

Bee! ‏@Bankiecute
80% of people that didn’t go for NYSC will regret not experiencing it later in life.

Natalieafrican ‏@MsNattalie
NYSC isn’t part of work experience. It makes you question the validity of the whole process.

Amina ‏@_theAmeena
Lol. Who is even excited about NYSC?

Simple Baby ‏@TheIvuoma
Nigerian employers want you to be 23 years old with 5 years post-NYSC work experience. I don’t know if I’ve been working from the womb.

Noob Saibot ‏@iDeric
During NYSC, while we were sweating for Nigeria, elite kids went for Masters and still got their discharge certificates.

Adegoke Temilade ‏@Smlewittemmy
@nysc_ng I sent an email to the DG stating my complaint but no reply. I have not received my January allowance till date.

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