TechHerNG Hosts A Brunch for Equality in Partnership with the French Embassy in Nigeria

Investing in feminist initiatives and female-led organisations- financially or technically- is not just a matter of equality; it is imperative for sustainable social change. This notion was emphasised at a vibrant event tagged, “Breaking Bread, Breaking Barriers: A Brunch for Equality,” hosted by TechHerNG, with the generous support of the French Embassy in Nigeria, in celebration of Women’s History Month on Friday, March 22nd 2024.
TechHer, an organisation that leverages technology for social change, hosted the event to commemorate International Women’s Day and prioritise rest for women. The event, which brought together a mix of women at the intersection of rights, movements, and organising in Nigeria, featured a sip and paint for women to relax creatively and a rant session for them to express themselves and their experiences.
Cooperation AttachĆ© Ketty Regis, representing the French Embassy in Nigeria, opened the event, highlighting the embassy’s staunch commitment to supporting women-led organisations and initiatives. She underscored the immense potential for women to thrive and excel within their respective spheres, affirming the embassy’s dedication to empowering women in Nigeria.
TechHer’s executive director, Chioma Agwuegbo, explained the choice of a relaxed brunch format to prioritise rest and resilience for women.
“For women constantly on the frontlines fighting for women’s safety and women’s advancement, this event is a chance to prioritise rest ā€“ because a well-rested changemaker is a powerful changemaker,” she stated.
The event also featured a “Sharing Circle” that led to an intergenerational women’s discussion from amazing women like Tsema Ede, Project Lead at Human Rights Fund; Dr Amina A Salihu, Deputy Director, Africa Office at MacArthur Foundation; and Emitomo Oluwatobiloba of Le Groupe-conseil Baastel. Conversations covered various challenges women face, from microaggressions to personal development, highlighting the importance of women forming their communities.
Shedding light on the detrimental effects of silence in the face of the challenging experiences that women often endure, Oluwatobiloba articulated, “As women, we must harness the support of men as allies, particularly in navigating conflicts involving male antagonism.” She emphasised the proactive role men can play in fostering resolution and creating a safer environment for women.
Meanwhile, Tsema Ede, a human rights lawyer and policy expert, championed the importance of women remaining authentic to themselves and their identities. “In a world that attempts to belittle us and our achievements, it’s crucial for women to stay true to who they are,” Ede said, sharing strategies for women to build strength and resilience.
Dr Amina concluded the session by emphasising the significance of initiative, calculated risk-taking, and dedicated effort. To buttress this point, she shared a proverb, translated from French: “On ne fait pas d’omelette sans casser des oeufs” (“You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs”). She elaborated, “The path to success may not be easy, but preparation is key. Amina encouraged harnessing every ounce of frustration as a catalyst for positive transformation, whether for personal growth or self-fulfilment.
The brunch concluded on a high note with the announcement of a raffle winner, who was presented with a check signed by all participants, symbolising unity and the collective contribution of women to women.
In her closing remarks, Ilaye Bakame, the event coordinator, expressed her heartfelt appreciation to all participants. She encouraged them to maintain their focus on actively building and engaging systems that prioritise the inclusion and advancement of women across various spheres. Her words resonated with a call to action, urging continued dedication to the cause of building community for gender equality.
“Let’s remember that our strength lies not only in our individual achievements but in our collective efforts to uplift and empower one another.”

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