Mile 12 mayhem: Ambode bans Okada in Ikosi-Isheri LCDA Govt, traders agree on relocation

By Oluwole Farotimi

LAGOS State Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode has banned commer­cial motorcycle operators popularly known as Okada from operating within Mile 12 and adjoining commu­nities in Ikosi-Isheri Local Council Development Area (LCDA).
Speaking at a joint press briefing yesterday, ad­dressed by the leadership of Mile 12 market, Maidan and Agiliti community at the Bagauda Kaltho Press Centre, Alhaji Shehu Us­man, financial secretary of the market said they have decided to work with the state government to achieve its goals. Usman said they have agreed with the govern­ment to ban Okada as a means of commercial trans­portation in the area be­cause of their flagrant dis­obedience to the 2012 Road Traffic Law.
“Also, they cause road accidents in the area. For instance, they were respon­sible for the breakdown of law and order, which predi­cated the present crisis in our communities.
“Shanties and blighted areas within the communi­ties that could harbour mis­creants will be removed to eliminate illegal activities of hoodlums from the com­munity.”
Usman equally explained that the shanties were il­legal structures and unsuit­able for human habitation.
“These areas are prone to landslides and other en­vironmental problems, es­pecially flooding. Their re­moval will greatly enhance security of lives and prop­erty in the communities.”
The financial secretary also noted that they have agreed to eschew violence and uphold peaceful co-ex­istence in the communities.
Speaking on relocation of market, Usman said: “The Mile 12 market has been in existence for decades. So, it has outgrown its present location and available infra­structure.
“It has become necessary for its relocation to another suitable and convenient lo­cation within the state.
“The market executives will dialogue further with the state government on the relocation programme which will help increase the economic growth and development, provide bet­ter infrastructure and reduce traffic congestion on the expanded Mile 12-Ikorodu Road,” he added.
Secretary to the State Government, Mr. Tunji Bello, warned that govern­ment will deal decisively with any group of persons that disturbs public peace in the state.
He urged the leaders “to talk to their people” to be law-abiding and maintain peace, saying the state gov­ernment will finalise on the location of the market and time frame.

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