Jolomi Atimomo unveils book ‘Colour Blind’ at 75

At 75, it’s a general belief that most people suffer from forgetfulness resulting in limited social skills.

However, Mrs. Jolomi Atimomo has debuted as an author at such an advanced age. Recently, Madam Atimomo played host to scores of family, friends and eminent personalities who gathered at the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Victoria Island, Lagos to witness the presentation of her 267-page book titled, Colour Blind.

With former Managing Director of Daily Times, Dr. Yemi Ogunbiyi as the Chairman; marketing communication icon, Ms. Iquo Ukoh as one of the key speakers, and popular compere, Gbenga Adeyinka as the master of ceremonies at the event, it was an exciting event as the author revealed how the COVID-19 lockdown propelled her into putting thoughts together to write the book. Atimomo told the audience that the content of the book is not her story, although it could pass as the story of other people because the experiences happened to some people who are friends and family members.

The book, Colour Blind is a compelling and gracious story told over two continents and two cultures that would gladden the heart of anyone who believes that humanity comes first. It is the story of an American doctor whose stint while working in Lagos, Nigeria saves a 13-year old rape victim and her unwanted pregnancy. Atimomo’s book shows what it means to love every child born into the world unconditionally, whether the child is biological or adopted.

Having graduated from Yaba College of Technology and studying further at South West London College, Atimomo has acquired a wealth of experience in various organisations both in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. After her retirement in 2005, Atimomo started her own business in hospitality, which she has managed successfully for 15 years. Now in her spare time, she writes poems, engages in gardening and travels.

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