Biafra: IPOB lambasts Ohanaeze Ndigbo

From Jeff Amechi Ag­bodo, Onitsha
THE Indigenous Peo­ples of Biafra (IPOB) yesterday said that the Secretary of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Dr. Joe Nwaor­gu, lied over his denial that the pan socio-cul­tural organization has no hand in scuttling the actualization of the Sovereign State of Bi­afra.
IPOB insisted that its agi­tations actually spurred the U.S. delegation to the South­east contrary to Nwaorgu’s position that the Consular General visited other zones. A statement signed by the group’s spokespersons, Emma Mmezu and Dr. Clifford Iroanya berated Ohanaeze for using IPOB to gain access to Aso Rock Villa, while at the same time stifling the demand for freedom by all peace loving people of Biafra.
They also debunked the claim by Nwaogu that the U.S. delegation came to consult the Ndigbo on their perception of Nigeria, add­ing that IPOB was the real reason for the visit.
It read: “They have ex­posed their self-centered agenda for all to see. We shall be free some day, in spite of their spirited effort to sabo­tage, subvert and undermine anything good. The people know better. It is strange that they have stubbornly chosen to continue the dangerous play with naked fire”.
The statement further added: “No foreign delega­tion has ever had any meet­ing with Ndigbo, since 1970 except the U.S. delegation they met at Nike Lake last Friday. Nwaorgu and his cohorts still live in the past where trading off Ndigbo for personal gain has been their only source of livelihood as Ohanaeze leaders”.
“Their agenda remains: how to use our struggle and the blood of those killed in cold blood in the past few months to have access to Bu­hari, just so they can contin­ue their decades old culture of picking the crumbs in ev­ery government. This time, they have failed as nobody believes them.”

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