50 in hospital as NLNG pollutes Bonny

A dangerous gas from the operations of Nigerian Liquified Natural Gas, is on the rage in Bonny, Rivers state and has sent scores of people to hospital.

Reports said that the unidentified gas makes people inhale it, fall seriously ill. They complain of symptoms such as dizziness, chills, nausea, headache, difficulty in breathing and faintness.

According to some reports, the gas must have been emitted in the course of a recent shut down facility/ turn around maintenance work embarked upon by the company.

“It just hits you in the face and about knocks you over,” says one of the workers hospitalized.

Another explained: “It smells like some kind of awkward petroleum but you can’t pinpoint it.”

“I started getting headaches, and then fatigue set in, then dizziness, nausea and before I knew it I was gasping for breath,” said another worker on admission in hospital.

The Management of the NLNG is yet to react to this air pollution and the cause.

(Source: PM NEWS)

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