We have no grouse against MTN –FG

…Seeks more collaboration on job creation

THE Federal Government has restated that it has nothing per­sonal against MTN Nigeria with respect to the fine im­posed on it by the NCC. This was as it also commended the company on its contributions to the Gross Domestic Prod­uct (GDP) since inception in 2001.
Speaking during his work­ing visit to the head office of MTN Nigeria, the Minister of Communication, Adebayo Shittu, said the Federal Gov­ernment would do everything possible to encourage and de­velop innovative ideas from MTN Nigeria and other tele­communication companies in the country to grow the economy.
According to him, “there is no doubt that over the last cou­ple of months, we have had issues; those issues are normal in relationships like this. I want to assure you that the Nigerian government has nothing per­sonal against MTN.”
He further stated that, “as a matter of fact, as a person, I consider MTN as first and foremost a Nigerian company. It is a Nigerian company in the sense that it is registered in Ni­geria like any other company. In fact, the government appre­ciates the contributions MTN Nigeria is making to the GDP by generating employment and putting smiles on the faces of Nigerians.
“I believe that MTN ap­preciates the fact that Nigeri­ans love it. More than half of people who patronise GSM operators in Nigeria are your customers and I think that is an appreciation which must be acknowledged.”
With respect to MTN Ni­geria’s investment in the economy, Shittu said, “MTN has made a lot of stride, pio­neering efforts, if I may say, in regards to investment and lib­erating Nigerians. As it were, time was when if you have to phone a relation, you will go to NITEL, queue up for sev­eral minutes and pay through your nose for a minute or two. But with the coming of MTN and GSM, things have become wonderful.”
Recall that MTN Nigeria recently paid a sum of N50 billion to the Federal Govern­ment in good faith in respect of the fine imposed by the Nige­ria Communications Commis­sion.
The company, upon pay­ment of the amount, reiterated its commitment to continue conducting its businesses with­in the frontiers of the laws and regulations guiding its opera­tions.
MTN also reiterated its commitment to Nigeria’s na­tional security and human cap­ital development as it places an unquantifiable premium on lives of Nigerians with its ef­fort at complying with the SIM registration exercise.
Meanwhile, the Minister has charged the company to also support the Federal Gov­ernment’s quest to create hubs and incubation centres that ca­ter for youth development.
“We are trying to establish new hubs and incubation cen­tres across Nigeria. Because these hubs are not sustainable by themselves, I believe MTN as a leading service provider must be ready to invest. You will be doing a lot of good to the downtrodden, the people who are still aspiring to ac­quire knowledge, wisdom and professionalism particularly because IT is involved.

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