I’m available for marriage  –Gloria Johnson 



IT was indeed with shock that the industry received news that actress, Gloria Johnson, was involved a ghatsly car crash last year. However, the actress has bounced back and is poised to take her career to the next level as she has already shot a couple of films which will hit Nollywood any time soon. The star of Sinful Mothers, My Mother’s Blood, Brave Heart, Village Favour, God of Mercy and Prophetic Church among others in this chat with Entertainer recounts her darkest moments after the accident that almost claimed her life and declares that she is ready for Mr. Right.


You have been one of the actresses waxing strong in Nollywood, what has been your staying point? 

I appreciate God for His grace. However, competition is for losers and I’m obviously not a loser. I believe competition is for people who lack knowledge and who look down on themselves. For me, competition is leaving a fake life which is too expensive and I am sorry, I can’t afford it. My advice is this; create your style, do your best in a unique way and you’ll become successful.

You took a break last year from the big screen, after your accident. Can you recount the experience? 

It’s been a joyful and story which ever way you want to look at it. It was an experience that taught me how to appreciate life better. In fact, I’m among the luckiest to be alive today. Indeed, it’s nothing short of a miracle. I was involved in a fatal accident in 2015 which almost took my life but God gave me a second chance. I was on break for months to get back on my feet and I thank God for giving me testimonies. And I have resumed work on the big screen. I have shot some flicks which will soon hit the market. I want to appreciate my sweet mother for all her love, my family, for their support and of coure, the Chairman, AGN Enugu Chapter Stan.K. Amandi, including colleagues and friends for standing by me. When I was hospitalised they brought hope alive.

What are your plans for 2016? 

I give God glory for the miracle of life which He gave me in 2015. And I thank God for blessing me with a Toyota SUV last year as a recovery gift. I pray God blesses me with peace, joy and success in my career beyond the shores of Nigeria. I also pray to get married this year.

Are you saying you are available for marriage? 

Of course! I am mature, beautiful and ready to build my family.

Would you for any reason remain in an abusive relationship? 

Why on earth should I hold onto an evil relationship? Life is too short to live for another person. Honestly, it’s offensive in the sight of God. I don’t think any woman deserves to be abused in any way.

How do you feel about life after your close shade with death? 

I have learned to appreciate life. I’m always grateful to God for preserving my life. And I don’t worry about anything, I feel so much better. God is taking care of everything for me. He has a way of turning things around for our Good. In fact, life has also taught me to be patient. And the greatest gift I have received obviously is the gift of life.

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