Why I throw tantrums on Real Housewives of Abuja show -Tutupie

By Damilola Fatunmise

The Real Housewives of Abuja’s star, Tutupie, has revealed the reason she often throws tantrums on the show.

According to the chef turned-reality show star, she had been in an abusive relationship, so her tantrums are from a good place and also a defence mechanism she puts up due to her past experience.

While apologising to the ladies during the 4th episode of the show, Tutupie pleaded with them to get more personal and build intimate bonds. “I am always on defence,” she explained. “So, sometimes you can just excuse me when I’m too much because I took a lot before I finally retaliated. So, I’m always going to be like this; I guess I have more healing to do,” Tutupie disclosed.

On their parts, the ladies were receptive and empathetic towards her. Indeed, one sometimes gets the feeling they see Tutu as a younger sister they want to protect.

“To be honest, Tutu speaking about her relationship gives me a little insight as to why she behaves this way,” Arafa commented. “But I don’t think you should allow your past to define your future.”

The ladies went on to have more emotional moments and Arafa said she missed her children and would rather not be away from them if she could.

The Real Housewives of Abuja airs weekly on www.showmax.com.

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