‘Vesti building AI copilot for immigrants’

Vesti, a leading migration fintech company, is evolving to become an AI-first company, targeting the $36 billion global financial services market. Every year, 36 million immigrants arrive in the top 10 developed countries, with the United States welcoming one million of them.

    One of the key benefits of Vesti’s AI copilot is that it can be tailored to the unique needs of each individual immigrant. The copilot will take into account the immigrant’s background, goals, and circumstances and provide them with the most relevant and helpful information and support through several growth communities on the Vesti app. For example, the AI copilot on the Vesti app can help immigrants access different migration pathways, gather the necessary documentation and prepare for their journey. It can also help them find housing, employment and other essential services in their new home country. Additionally, the AI copilot can help immigrants open bank accounts, obtain migration loans, book cheap flights and manage their migration savings account from their source country. 

Co-founder of Vesti, Olusola Amusan, said that the AI copilot will change the migration experience for the benefit of all immigrants across the globe. He said, “Vesti’s AI copilot will revolutionise the migration experience by making it more efficient, affordable and secure. By providing immigrants with personalised recommendations and assistance, the copilot can help them avoid common pitfalls and delays, save money, and stay safe.”

Overall, Vesti’s AI copilot is a game changer for immigrants. As the operating system for human and capital global mobility, Vesti is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to revolutionize the way it develops products. AI will help the company automate mundane tasks, analyze data, make predictions, and improve customer experience on the Vesti app. By leveraging AI, Vesti is creating innovative solutions for its customers and enhancing its product development process. It is a powerful tool that can help immigrants to navigate the complex migration process and to successfully settle into their new home country. 

VESTI is founded by two brothers who immigrated to the United States, the company is backed by both Africa and US-based investors and boasts of a thriving community of dreamers who represent the next generation of builders. Through a set of tailored payment products, Vesti delivers hassle-free migration pathways and financial services to immigrants moving to the United States and other top destinations in North America and Europe. Vesti’s vision is to be the go-to legal and financial services platform for the next 1 billion immigrants. The company is on a mission to be the preferred platform for immigrants before they emigrate, providing information, community and ultimately a smooth transition to immigrants

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