Jigawa council orders prostitutes to get married or go to jail

From Ahmed Abubakar, Dutse

Gwaram Local Government Area in Jigawa State has issued a thirty-day ultimatum to all prostitutes to vacate the area.

Council Chairman Alhaji Zaharadden Abubakar disclosed on Friday during a reception of a delegation from Sara community, a popular weekly market, to his office.

The council chairman, who frowned upon the activities of the commercial sex workers, declared that the aim was to tackle vice in the local government.

The chairman ordered all the commercial sex workers operating in the area to present names of their suitors to the local government authority before the expiration of the dateline.

He explained that the council is ready to marry off all the native and contrite commercial sex workers and take care of all their wedding responsibilities.

Abubakar said the council will repatriate non-indigenous sex workers in the local government to their states of origin.

He also directed the immediate closure of all clubs and beer parlours in the local government.

The council boss said the council had mobilised police other security agencies to arrest violators.

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