Corporate leaders, others set for Global Leadership Summit

.Govt, OPS urged to reduce business mortality rate

By Henry Uche

Given the unprecedented socio-economic and political turbulences causing hardship in Nigeria, many altruistic persons believe that if the Organised Private Sector (OPS) thrives, then the government would definitely do well.

No doubt Nigeria is facing endemic challenges: Maladministration and mismanagement of public resources by a few individuals in body polity is ravaging almost every sector of the economy.

As Nigerians look forward to a better and sound governance from the new administration, the Global Leadership Network (GLN) deemed it proper to engage business leaders across board on a one day session to discuss how business managers, administrators, captains of industries, entrepreneurs and others can lead effectively in a business environment full of uncertainties.

At a press brief in Lagos, the lead Pastor of The Elevation Church and Convener- Leadership Project, Godman Akinlabi, said it is high time every altruistic Nigerian contributed their quota in form of ideas and other forms of supports to move the country forward.

The business discourse which would attracts renowned international business leaders slated for Tuesday, 20th of June in Lagos, would be a cross pollination and fertilization of ideas sessions by participants geared towards the the growth and development of the private sector.

Known as GLS4Buisness, the program would equip everyone who made it with requisite set skills, mind set and tool sets to navigate the ever changing business environment.

“Business environment in Nigeria is not friendly. We don’t even know what it would look like in the nearest future. Though we remain auspicious, but we (operators in the private sector) need to prepare ourselves.

“Networking and collaboration is key at this critical time. It is time to learn, unlearn and relearn accordingly. It’s not an all comers affairs, it comes at a cost and I can assure you that- it worth it.

“We understand that customers and consumers behavior are changing rapidly and they’re becoming more sophisticated in knowledge. Employees diversities, socio- economic policies, stakeholders expectations, taxes, cultural and environmental changes and lots more are some of the issues that must be given top priority” he added.


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