Boosting Africa’s digital economy: FADB unveils roadmap for growth


  • The FADB is a new initiative by eight African nations to boost the digital economy
  • The federation aims to address challenges and unlock growth opportunities in the digital sector
  • Key goals include improving the business environment, expanding digital access, and supporting entrepreneurship
  • The FADB is headquartered in Morocco and invites other African ICT organisations to join

By Chinenye Anuforo

A significant step towards a thriving digital Africa was taken this week with the launch of the Federation of African Digital Businesses (FADB). This new initiative, formed by leaders from key ICT organisations across eight African nations, aims to unlock the continent’s digital potential and propel economic growth.

The FADB’s establishment, solidified by the signing of the Marrakech Declaration, signifies a landmark collaboration between the public and private sectors in Africa’s digital landscape.

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The founding members outlined a set of strategic goals to address Africa’s digital challenges and unlock growth opportunities:

Improved Business Environment:Ā  Foster the growth of digital businesses through optimised regulations.
Universal Digital Access: Ensure all citizens have access to essential digital infrastructure, especially high-speed internet.
Empowering Local Entrepreneurs: Establish programmes to support start-ups and digital businesses.
Enhanced Digital Skills: Promote training programmes to equip all citizens with digital skills.
Financial Inclusion: Expand access to digital financial services.
Streamlined Regulations: Facilitate cross-border digital trade by harmonising data protection and cybersecurity regulations.
E-commerce Growth: Encourage the development of e-commerce platforms to strengthen economic integration.

The FADB is establishing its headquarters in Morocco and is inviting other African ICT organisations to join this critical initiative.

The FADB is spearheaded by influential figures from the following organisations: APEBI du Maroc, President ATCON of Nigeria, GOTIC of CĆ“te d’Ivoire, REPTIC of Cameroon, ICT Chamber of Rwanda, PROTIC of Guinea-Conakry, Congo-Brazza Chamber of Commerce and Djibouti Chamber of Commerce.

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