The GOP deserves Donald Trump

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BE careful what you wish for because you may get it. Republicans dreamed of a Donald Trump, fervently prayed to have him, assidu­ously worked to enlist him and eventually re­ceived Donald Trump. They should be happy with their choice. Every party gets the leader it deserves. The GOP cannot eat its cake and have it.
The GOP dreamed of an anti-Obama candi­date to reverse the Obama presidency, to oblit­erate it from American history, to ensure there was no record to show that Mr. Barack Hussein Obama, son of a Kenyan student, became pres­ident of the United States in 2009, having won a landslide at the presidential election of 2008, defeating an American war hero, John McCain, a naval man whose father was an American ad­miral and who, as a navy pilot, was shot down in Vietnam and taken prisoner by the Vietcong.
McCain became a hero, not because he was shot down, not because he was a prisoner of war, but because when he was offered freedom to go home from the prison camp where he was daily being tortured and mocked, he turned it down unless he was allowed to go with his comrades. John McCain is held in a special place in the hearts of American service men and women, and therefore when he speaks on national security and the armed forces, Americans listen.
But 2008 was not the year for John Mc­Cain, for that was the year the country wanted a man of peace, not a man of war, a year Americans voted to end wars, if they could be ended. And Barack Obama happened to be proposing to do exactly what they wanted. Thus, it was probably true that Obama’s land­slide was more of American war fatigue than a repudiation of John McCain as a candidate or as a person. But McCain had sought the nomination in the year 2000 and had had a bruising primary contest with the eventual winner, George W. Bush, the one they call Bush 43, as opposed to his father, George H. Bush, who is Bush 41. Only few men attempt to run for the presidency more than twice.
Too many Republicans were shell-shocked by the election of 2008 and did consider the election of Barack Obama an aberration. Nothing had prepared so many white Ameri­cans, especially, white men, for an Obama presidency. It was therefore little surprise they refused to believe that it happened, even though it happened in broad day light after nearly two years of an unprecedented election campaign that made history in many ways, including the amount of money spent on it.
Republicans never reconciled themselves to Obama’s victory, or accepted the in­evitable. Instead they adopted the policy of “non-co-operation.” |A day after the election Obama was sending feelers to the Republi­cans through emissaries, asking for their co-operation now that the campaigns were over and it was time for governing, telling them that the interest of the country should be su­preme and partisanship should take the back­seat. He pledged to make concessions on whatever they needed, he offered to appoint Republicans into his cabinet. He actually ap­pointed three, and had nominated the fourth as budget director, but he declined. But no offer he made, nothing he did could get Republicans to co-operate with him.
A newly elected president would expect a few months of honeymoon before being subjected to withering criticisms that must confront anyone elected to that office. Obama was besieged from day one.
It is now called the Great Recession, but by November 2008, all the auguries were that the world was headed for the Second Great Depres­sion. It’s almost now forgotten, but the world economic collapse was real. The financial meltdown was such that gigantic financial em­pires had been bankrupted, hundreds of huge banks had filed for bankruptcies. It was the first economic nightmare of the new century. No one had an answer. Even economists who had studied the Great Depression of the 1930s were scratching their heads. President Obama had to find answers to it. After the collapse of Lehman Brothers which almost pulled the global system down, it became too risky to allow the American International Group (AIG) to also collapse be­cause that would be the doomsday scenario. The week Barack Obama assumed office, 800,000 American workers lost their jobs. For many more months, that level of job losses was the norm. Republicans were asked for help, they de­clined. General Motors, the largest automobile manufacturing company in the world then filed for bankruptcy. President Obama and his team refused to let it go under. Republicans refused to help. But Obama and his economic team and the Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke had to find the money to save General Motors and the AIG and other huge organizations tethering on the brink of collapse. To let them collapse meant the loss of tens or scores of millions of jobs. Still Republicans refused to help.
Then on 15th April 2009 a nation-wide pro­test was launched designed to discredit the new Obama administration. It saw the formation of a new version of what is known as the Tea Party, a right-wing extremist political racist organization that practically seized the Republican Party and began a process of pushing the Republican Party to the extreme right until the GOP found itself in a situation where there are no more right of center people left in the GOP. That’s where billionaire Donald Trump is coming from. Some people who know him closely doubt if he is as wealthy as he claims, part of why his opponents think he is a con man.
The distinguishing mark of Donald Trump is that he is one of the leaders of a small group of right-wing Americans who did everything they possibly could to de-legitimize President Obama. Unable to explain Obama’s victory, they tried the delusional argument that he is unreal, that he is a fluke and when all evidence contradicts their de­lusion, they question his citizenship. Trump was the honorary chairman of the Birther Party, the small group which kept arguing that Obama was not an American citizen, but, if he says he is he should show his birth certificate. This group and others in the Republican Party moved heaven and earth to ensure that Obama was defeated in 2012 and almost thought they had succeeded, which was why Mitt Romney, Obama’s opponent in 2012, had no concession speech, having assumed that victory was his, and why his wife, Ann, was crestfallen during the concession speech, realiz­ing their error.
When last week Mitt Romney himself gave a blistering attack calling Trump a phony and a fraud, it was clear the chickens are beginning to come home to roost. “He’s playing the members of the American public for suckers. He gets a free ride to the White House and all we get is a lousy hat,” Romney said
But Romney and all the malcontents of the Republican Party can revile Trump all they can, Donald Trump remains the best the Republic Party members can present as can be seen in their voting. The GOP deserves Donald Trump. It should be glad to have him.

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