Stacia Mac – Meet the woman behind ODA (Only Dreamers Achieve)

Being considered a dreamer often means being discounted and overlooked, some assume that if you are a dreamer you can’t be a doer. 

This misconception is currently being toppled by Stacia Mac, the CEO of ODA Management. ODA (Only Dreamers Achieve) is a management agency that reaches out to dreamers and young creatives who require support to see their dreams achieved.


Stacia Mac the woman behind ODA, began in the management of property before she transitioned to managing creative people. It was a transition born from necessity. Mac’s son, now a successful rapper who performs under the name ‘Polo G’, was aided in reaching success by his mother’s managerial abilities. Mac spearheaded the rise of ‘Polo G’ in the rap world, negotiating and finalizing Polo’s signing with Columbia Records. Mac hopes that ODA will act as a beacon for other women and mothers, proving that powerful women can share their power with others. The management agency works with talents from all kinds of creativity pools from artists to beauty influencers. Mac shares that she wants ODA to be a safe space for creators from every walk of life. On how she feels just as proud of her clients’ success as she does of her own, Mac says, “My greatest professional happiness comes when I see my clients reach a goal that was a long-held dream for them, knowing that we used our combined talents to help them reach it feels like the greatest success.”


Stacia Mac’s status as a mother of four has informed both her aspirations and achievements. Her determined support and trust in her children’s choices are reflected in the care of her clients. Another creative endeavor that was inspired by her role as a mother is her podcast, ‘I Birth Legends’. The podcast explores the stories of mothers whose children have reached the heights of success. Of her desire to highlight the power of motherhood and how that power can translate into ambitious and prosperous children, Mac says,“ The home you build for your child creates the foundation of their ambitions, if you believe in their potential for greatness then they are more likely to achieve it.” It is clear from her passion for the success of others that Stacia Mac will continue to prove the importance of believing in your dreams, one dreamer at a time.

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