Soul makers ministry begins ‘Heart’s Day’ celebration

By Zika Bobby

The Soul Makers Ministry worldwide is celebrating this year’s Heart’s Day. A statement by the ministry’s spiritual leader, Chief Owolabi Salis, noted that the celebration which is determined by the lunar calendar and sighting of the moon, will be celebrated between Sunday, June 16, and Wednesday next week.

“It is called Odun Okan in Yoruba or Odun Ibori, Odun Ori, Odun Ori Ire or Odun Alafia Ara. Different cultures have different names for it.”

Salis enjoined individuals to earmark that festival for special prayers to their creator. “During the festival or celebration, you will offer prayers to the soul maker, the lord almighty, to bless your hearts and other organs of your body  and for a good head. You should also offer thanksgiving to the soul maker, the creator of the universe, for physical and spiritual guidance and stability,” he said.

Salis said the ministry abhors genuflecting before stone, woods, idols or man, noting that doing so could make one’s soul a victim of what he or she worships.

According to him, one of its cardinal objectives is to replenish the earth through love and power of regeneration, which is enshrined in the soul maker alone.

“This is our planet earth. Everything on this planet grows. For a tree to bear fruits, you have to water the roots. If you need spiritual wisdom, you need to water your roots, and you do so by paying obeisance to your roots. Whoever disregards his roots will hardly develop,” he added.

Salis said the ministry does not join other sects to address the creator of the universe as ‘God or Lord’ as common in other religious sects, but rather, the ‘Creator or Soul Maker,’ which is believed to be reflective and ubiquitous in every tribe and culture globally.

He stressed that the ministry subscribes to three key basis of one’s soul, one’s parents and one’s ancestors, which it likens to first, second and third roots respectively, urging every worshipper to pay obeisance to them.

The celebration is meant for all living beings that have a soul and a heart to appreciate their Creator.

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