“She’s baby mama, family friend, ex-lover but hopes to be wife!”

I went to see Rick’s Grandmother in the evening when I left the office; I knew it had to be important for her to have sent for me.

I was shown to the Tea room, oh yes she is British like that. As usual I was breathless at the sheer opulence. No words can describe this room; it is mesmerizing, beautiful, impeccable, friendly, laid back and classy. “How are you my dear, have you been served a drink?” She asked in flawless English.

This is how I envisage my old age, I thought as I got up to kiss her smooth baby cheeks. This woman is beautiful and elegant I thought as I complimented her on her appearance. “I am good ma, I took something before coming,” I said with a smile. She rang a little bell on the side table beside her and a steward appeared as if on cue. She ordered for tea for herself and coffee for me with biscuits in spite of my objection. As stubborn as a mule, her grandson must have gotten that from her. They never took no for an answer! She waited until we were served before she continued.

“Tobs, I want to open a trust fund for my great grandson and transfer some of my properties to him which he will get full custody of when he’s 25. I want you to be the Administrator till he comes of age,” she said calmly like she was telling me about the weather. I spilled the hot, scalding coffee on myself in shock and shrieked more from astonishment than pain.

“Oh dear, you poor thing, go clean yourself up in the restroom. I shall send a maid to you,” she said in deep concern. I stammered my thanks and went to the visitors’ toilet that looked more like a convenience from a five star Hotel. There was a silver couch in a mirrored room by the guest toilet.
I sank into it tiredly. Is this woman kidding? Me? An Administrator for Sotonye’s Baby’s inheritance? (in case you don’t know who Sotonye is; she is Rick’s Baby mama, family friend, ex-lover, not sure about this one though and of course she hopes to end up his wife!) I don’t know how long I sat there but someone knocked on the door and it was Rick. “Are you ok Tobs? Grams says since you went in, you have refused to come out,” Rick said, his voice slightly tinged with concern. “Or would you like me to come in?” He asked with a throaty laugh.

“No!” I yelled scrambling to lock the door. He just laughed and left. I later told Rick’s Grandmother that I will do as she asked and left the house hurriedly. I decided to go straight to Jasmine’s place. I needed to talk. In two days we were going away for the weekend but this couldn’t wait. “Hey Girl! This one you came to see me, I hope you are not going home tonight?” Jasmine asked obviously delighted to see me. I have a few clothes with Jasmine.

I put a call through to my Mother, just to inform her I won’t be home for the night. I belong to the old school of thought that believe in upholding our traditional values; as long as I am in my Parents’ house they know my where about especially if I am not coming home for the night.

Yes, my Parents believe until a girl is married she should not live on her own and I happen to belong to the same school of thought even though Jasmine, Bola and Zara live alone.

It has been next to impossible to influence me in this school of thought. I guess I am one of those girls with strong traditional values and I make no apologies. Jasmine insisted I have dinner before we talk.

After I told Jasmine what happened, she burst into laughter. “Let me get you right; your boyfriends’ grandmother wants you to take care of her great grandson’s inheritance who happens to be the son of your boyfriends’ baby mama, what a mess!” She said between bouts’ of laughter. I looked at her sullenly.

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