“Nigeria is draining young people and they’re catching cruise” – Rapper Dandizzy


John Ogunsemore

Rapper Dandizzy has warned that the future of Nigerian youths is being wasted while the victims are maintaining a nonchalant attitude.

The 30-year-old rapper, whose real name is Daniel Tuotamuno Darius, said this in an X post on Thursday.

Dandizzy lamented that young people would rather stay glued to social media than make moves to improve their circumstances.

“Bro, Nigeria is draining young people and they’re catching cruise lol. Gen z no go know when them go reach 40 years without anything to show for it make una dey do tiktok sha,” he said.

In a follow-up tweet, Dandizzy added, “All of you asking me what to do, you have to wake up and take your country or suffer the same fate the other generations have suffered, yes people died during end sars but it’s not like people are still not dying everyday from the uselessness of this country called Nigeria.”

Meanwhile, serial investor, Kola Oyeneyin has advised the Nigerian government to tap into the nation’s $100 billion creative economy potential by actively supporting and promoting young people’s innovative ideas.

The CEO of Opportunik Global Fund said this as a speaker on The Platform, a good governance conference hosted by popular cleric, Pastor Poju Oyemade in Ikeja, Lagos to commemorate Democracy Day on Wednesday, June 12.

Stressing that “25 years of democracy is a very long time”, he lamented that while China which is not a democratic nation lifted 750 million people out of poverty within that time frame, Nigeria dropped 80 million into poverty.

“As we begin to look forward for the next 25 years, we must begin to say, ‘What strategic bets can we take?’

“We are here for ideas and I want to put one on the table. It might look simple and look like we are not ambitious enough…I present to you: a $100 billion idea that is right in front of us…

“This is an economy that potentially can add $100 billion to our GDP, this is our bread by 2030 if we do everything right.

“From movies to fashion, to photography, to painting, it cuts across.

“The global (creative) economy is about $3 trillion. Africa contributes about $70 billion. Nigeria reportedly by NBC has earned about $15 billion from the creative economy.

“What I’m saying is, can we 10x it in six years? I believe we can,” Oyeneyin said.

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