Modern pentecostal demonism (5)


“God bless you, Prof. Uzorma. Last year April I ordered three different bottles of your oil for a problem that almost claimed my life. It was a land matter between man and demons. I must tell you that God answered me in November last year and proved every demonic power wrong…I am victorious at last …God bless you richly.”

– Mr. Theo 08066637564

    “Dear Prof, I wish to thank God for the oil that I ordered from you, my mother was mad for years and I was accused of using her for my political attainment. My political enemies said so many things against me; even my wife did not believe me. I was suspected of being in the occult because things worked for me until I got to my present position, which has attracted jealousy and envy both from the national to local levels.

When I read your article for the first time in the month of May last year, I decided to give the oil a try, which led to my ordering it. I managed to visit my home and prayed for my mother and got her anointed with the oil I got from you. I strictly followed the instruction you gave and before I ended the prayer my mother was healed of 10 years of madness. Today, I have been vindicated by God. May God continue to be with you for using you to deliver mankind.” (Name and telephone number withheld)

    Prof, may God be glorified for using your oil to bring the major breakthrough in my life. My name was bad luck, all my contracts failed me. As a contractor, for over two years, I got no job, upon the several tenders that I made to many companies. I would always be assured of the job but after all said and done, I would miss it. I have seen hell in my life; all hope was lost when a friend introduced me to your column.

When I read it and saw many testimonies, I decided to contact you and that contact has produced the testimony today. When you instructed me to order your oil, I did through the help of my friend. The oil together with the prayers that followed helped me so much. Today, I am doing a lot of jobs and those who forgot me have all remembered me. Again, I also used the oil on my mother who has been sick and she is completely healed. Thank you so much and God bless you.

– Kamalu Calistus,

    Remember that our warfare is not carnal. The understanding inherent in the above biblical portion reveals that the wicked Satan is consciously watching the righteous with one aim, that is, to slay him. But the Lord of the righteous must deliver him. There is no joke about this.

    What the devil is using many to do in our churches today are more than the eyes can see. The church is in a serious warfare, but thank God for Jesus, if not, I wonder what would have been our fate today.

The level of politics prevailing in some churches is not what to talk about. The church of Christ is supposed to be a center for righteousness but today the reverse is the case. In some churches, righteousness is looked at as the subordinate while money becomes the ultimate. Dear reader, is this not misplacement of the great priority? Of a truth the church is fighting a battle. Did Christ teach that? Christ taught: “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things, shall be added unto you” Matt. 6:33.

    Among clergymen, there is the spirit of jealousy at the peak. I engaged a man of God in a discussion and he told me how his senior clergy colleague badly treated him and he concluded and called the sin of “that big man of God” “Ministerial Jealousy.” I asked him if there is something like “Ministerial Fornication” as well as “Ministerial Murder?”

He tried to convince me that “ministerial jealousy” is not sin. I laughed at him, because I know that the Bible tells me that “every unrighteousness is sin”. This is my stand! Paul tells us: “Every man’s work shall be made manifest, for the day shall declare it because it shall be revealed by fire; and the fire shall try every man’s work of what sort it is” 1 Cor. 3:13.

    The forces of darkness are using many men of God in this era to the extent that many of them are directly working for and with him. The manipulation is designed by Satan in such a way that the perpetrators are swayed in ignorance. Under this manipulation, many men of God are impelled by Satan to subjugate others with the profound thought of working for the Lord.

    In their repugnant pursuit of wealth, they go astray by employing Satanic means in making wealth. While majority of them under the satanic wave of making wealth will with the cooperation and effort of some demonic elders terminate the appointment of some younger ministers who even have the divine call of God upon them, than they who because of the their naïve knowledge of the Bible came into the ministry.

    It may please you to know that an agent of darkness can possess a particular man of God who is not very careful and use the same to ruin a particular church that has strong spiritual ambition. It is on this note that a church founded under the auspices of righteousness may further discover that the level of their holiness and righteousness is preventing many converts from becoming part of them.

Such a church may without delay lower the standard of righteousness as to please and attract the masses. Forgetting that righteousness is better practiced than preached. This is a battle facing the church.

    Dear reader, now consider a situation in which a proclaimed man of God enters into the sanctum of the Lord of Hosts with a demonic intent and enthusiasm propelled by the prince of darkness (Satan) to pray against a particular man of God who he brought into his church to help him and who, nevertheless, has the true power of God upon him and this true power of God has been disturbing the man with demonic intent. Now, on reaching his sanctum, he saw an angel of God who told him to denounce all his ignoble religious activities, promising to bless him with the true power but he refused and wanting to fight the angel of the great Lord with occult power there and then he was afflicted with madness.

   Religious occultism is everywhere. You as a man of God may not have involved yourself in any occult means of power.

But the question is this: How many have you subjugated silently, killed and destructively criticized? In which way is the Devil using you against the church under your care? Is righteousness your subordinate or your ultimate? Remember the saying of the Bible:   “Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord” Heb. 12:14.

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