Mile 12 market association appeals to Ambode to re-open market

THE Mile 12 Perishable Traders Association on Friday appealed to the Lagos State Government to reopen the market to mitigate the finan­cial losses that would accrue from produce wastage.
Mr Femi Odusanya, spokesman for the associa­tion, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that reopening of the market would guarantee continuous food supply to the state.
Gov. Akinwunmi Ambode had on March 3 ordered a temporary closure of the mar­ket following violence within the communities in the area.
The governor said the deci­sion to shut the market and re­strict movement on the streets were to aid security agencies to restore peace in the area.
Odusanya said: “We plead with the government to re­view its order on the closure of the market to reduce the quantum of produce to be wasted”.
“We have over 20 trucks each filled with sixty baskets of tomatoes worth N5,000 per basket rotting in the trucks in the market because of the de­lay in offloading them.
“This is aside the over eighty trucks of tomatoes and pepper meant for the market parked at Ibafo, Ogun State.
“To waste these produce would amounts to huge finan­cial losses for traders who are struggling to survive under the harsh economic climate of the country.”
Odusanya said that pro­longed closure of the market would have negative multi­plier effects on the prices and availability of foods in the state.
“Mile 12 Market plays a vital role in providing food to various markets and house­holds in the state.
“With the abrupt closure of the market, high cost of food items arising from food scar­city will be experienced in the state within days.”
Odusanya said that the trad­ers were victims of the fracas that ensued between commer­cial motorcyclists and the resi­dents of Mile 12 community.
“The market has nothing to do with the brawl but it is so unfortunate that by virtue of our location we are affected by the situation that has para­lysed economic activities.”

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