Lagos: HURMA demands justice in Epe family land dispute

The Human Rights Monitoring Agenda (HURMA) has urgently petitioned the Lagos State Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice to intervene in ongoing issues involving area boys and land grabbers in Otara, Igboye town, Epe, Lagos State. This follows troubling incidents on a disputed family land belonging to the Adesada Oganjugbe family.
HURMA said their investigative team, dispatched to document recent state interventions on the land, was met with aggression from area boys stationed there. These individuals reportedly attacked HURMA’s press crew, resulting in injuries that required hospitalisation for one of their female reporters.
The petition highlighted the destruction of warning signposts previously erected by the Lagos State Special Task Force on Land Grabbers to deter unauthorised activities on the land. Despite the efforts, the signposts were maliciously destroyed by the land grabbers, displaying a blatant disregard for state authority and exacerbating tensions in the community.
In response to the incidents, HURMA called for immediate action from the Attorney General’s office. They demanded the swift arrest and trial of the area boys involved in the assault on their reporters and those responsible for destroying the state task force’s signposts. They emphasised the enforcement of the Lagos State Property Protection Law, 2016, which prohibits any form of force or self-help in property disputes.

HURMA stressed that the actions were necessary not only to address the immediate lawlessness, but, also, to prevent further escalation and ensure the protection of property rights and communal harmony in Lagos State. The petition underscored the importance of upholding the rule of law and enforcing legal frameworks to maintain order and respect for state authorities in the affected community.

“More so, this is inline with the provisions of the Lagos State Property Protection Law, 2016 and in particular, Section 2(1) of the Law, which prohibits the use of force or self-help by anyone to take over any landed property or engaging in any act inconsistent with the proprietary rights of the owner of any landed property in Lagos”.


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