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Kapital klub and apartments

As the venue of an event attended by stakeholders in the Nigerian tourism industry, Kapital Klub and Apartments was under the spotlight for two days. There couldn’t be more critical customers that weekend of Friday, May 3, 2019. Everyone present works in the tourism sector –– tour operators, hotels owners, tourism writers. The hotel, however, easily pass the test of customer satisfaction in terms of good food, room comfort and top-grade entertainment.

Located out of sight, you will find it nestling at No.3 Gamal Abdul Nasser Close, Behind World Bank, in Asokoro, Abuja.

Outside, it appears simple: a Victorian building with a lush garden. Inside, it is a labyrinth of 54 rooms with three restaurants and an indoor pool, two bars/lounge, a fitness centre, a poolside bar and a coffee shop/café.

“We have a sauna,” a concierge informed as he was handing the keys to the rooms.  “And our restaurants are open at all times. You can get coffee from the coffee shop or drink at the bars anytime.”

Being an indoor creature, I hardly exploit the full options that come with lodging. I usually spend my time indoors, reading or watching TV. That makes me more particular about room comfort, which in the case of KKA was okay. The room was tasteful, furniture, amenities and all.

However, I remember the hotel for something else. Good home cooking. The first-day lunch of wheat with egusi and fish to the next day’s afternoon meal of poundo (not pounded) yam with vegetable and goat meat, were finger-licking good meals. The salt was just right, and there wasn’t excessive seasoning in the chow.

The evening reverie was memorable too. The live band lit up the night with a rendition of Betty Wright’s classic, “Tonight is the Night.” The singer got some of the guests to the dance floor to boogie to good old music.

Dinner was buffet style and al fresco. Again, it was right on point. Just in case you find yourself there, they serve great goat meat pepper soup. That was what I took, with salad.

We spent the afternoon in the lounge watching the weekend’s EPL matches, those who feel inclined nursing their bottles of beer. The atmosphere felt like home.

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