I discovered most of my potentials through church activities –Justin Ben

 By Agatha Emeadi 

Justin Ubong-Abasi Benedict popularly known as Justin Ben is a young and versatile entertainer from Essien Udim Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom State. 

While trying to put smiles on people’s faces, Benedict from a young age in primary school discovered himself in the entertainment industry. 

Thus he knew from the onset that he would be an entertainer later in life and followed this part vigorously. 

In an interview with Sunday Sun, Benedict revealed how he discovered most of his talents in the church, saying that he is grateful to his parents for introducing him to God early enough in life. 

He, therefore, advised upcoming entertainers to remain patient and persistent, pointing out that success often comes with time and effort. 


How did your early education start?

My early education journey started at Frank Georgia Nursery and Primary School in the preparatory class. I attended Our Lady of Fatima Nursery and Primary School, Akoka, until Primary 3 when my parents relocated to Shomolu. I moved to Temitope Nursery and Primary School, Shomolu, where I completed my primary education. For secondary school, I attended Goke Remi College and finished from there. Currently, I am a 300-level student of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), where I’m studying International Relations.


How did you get involved in the entertainment industry?

What led me into acting/entertainment was my love for putting smiles on people’s face. This started from my childhood days. When I was in primary school, I knew entertainment was my path in life and I chased it wholeheartedly.


How have you been coping with the rise?


I have been coping with the rise in the industry by staying grounded and focused on my craft. It is also important to me to maintain a sense of normalcy and to remember why I started this journey in the first place. Surrounding myself with a supportive team and taking time for self-care has also been crucial. The excitement of seeing my hard work pays off keeps me motivated, but I always strive to stay humble and continue learning.


Which of your works blew you up?

My rise in the industry has brought numerous opportunities my way. I have had the privilege to work with incredibly talented individuals, collaborate on exciting projects, and showcased my skills on a larger platform. It has opened doors to new roles, connections, and experiences that I never imagined possible. Each opportunity has allowed me to grow as an artist and expand my horizons within the entertainment industry. Again, it is important to remain patient and persistent, as success often comes with time and effort.


How have you been coping with your rise?

While my rise in the industry has been incredibly rewarding, it has not been without its challenges. Balancing the demands of a busy schedule while maintaining a personal life can be difficult at times. Additionally, navigating the competitive nature of the industry and facing rejection are ongoing challenges that every actor encounters. I realised it is important to stay resilient and focus on my goals, even when faced with setbacks. Ultimately, overcoming these challenges only strengthens my determination to succeed.


Parent then do not welcome entertainer children, but love professions like medicine, law, accounting, engineering etc. What was their feeling when you showed interest in acting and now?

My parents have been incredibly supportive since the beginning of my journey in the entertainment industry. Despite the traditional expectations for careers like medicine, law, and engineering, they have always encouraged me to pursue my passion and follow my dreams. Their unwavering support has been one of the cornerstones of my success which I am grateful for. I am proud to have them as my strongest support system. Even as my career has progressed and gained exposure, their pride and support have only grown. It has been meaningful during difficult times, such as the loss of my dad last year November.

His memory and the support of my family continue to motivate and inspire me.


How has society treated you?

Honestly, I have been fortunate to experience warmth and support from the community. One particular experience that stands out is when I was taking a stroll to the market in my neighbourhood; a man, accompanied by his wife, stopped me and remarked on seeing me on billboards at Maryland mall. He also mentioned recognizing me from my movies and series which was incredibly humbling. His genuine enthusiasm and words of encouragement reinforced the impact of my work and motivated me to keep pushing forward. It is at such moments that remind me of the positive influence entertainment can have on people’s lives.


How was growing up like?

Growing up is an epistle on its own. It was filled with life’s challenges, but we always found a way to survive. I am the second child and second son in the Benedict family. I have an older brother and five younger siblings. We are seven in number; three boys and four girls. My lovely parents were very particular about raising us up as Godly children, and the church became our second home. In fact, I discovered many of my potentials through church activities. One thing I am always grateful to my parents about is introducing me to God at a very tender age, which has been instrumental in shaping me into the fine young man I am becoming today.


What advice do you have for upcoming entertainers?

My advice to upcoming entertainers is to stay dedicated and passionate about their craft. Note that it is important to remain patient and persistent, as success often comes with time and effort. Surround yourself with supportive people who believe in you and your vision. Always be open to learning and growing, as the industry is constantly evolving. Remember, I have not gotten to the level I want, but I am still thriving to become the best version of myself. Stay true to yourself, and never lose sight of why you started this journey in the first place.


What are your notable nominations as an upcoming actor?

HAP Awards ‘21-Best Actor i/n A Series Category. Award of Excellence Nigeria ‘21-Next Rated Actor Category. (Nominee) BON Awards 22-Trailblazer Category. Nigeria Achievers Award 23-Best New Act Category. Nigerian Nigeria Merit Award ‘23-Fast Rising Actor of the Year Category. I have also featured in ‘Some Blood of Enogie’, ‘Masquerades of Aniedo,’ ‘My Siblings And I’, ‘Sin’ ‘Selina 2’, ‘Chronicles Of Solo’, ‘Big Book Of Lies – Unbrided’, ‘Worlds Apart’, ‘Truth’, ‘Memory Lane’, ‘Devil’s Angel’, ‘Osariemen’ and others.

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