Firm launches platform to fight housing deficit

•Investors to earn 21% returns


By Maduka Nweke

An innovative real estate investment platform where the investor owns a property abroad and earns passive income in foreign exchange with returns of up to 21 per cent has been launched in Nigeria. 

The Founder Mr. Enitan Eniola, said the platform, MAIHOMM is a foreign business which he has Nigerianised to give Nigerian opportunity to benefit therefrom.  Eniola said that by buying property with MAIHOMM one is keying into one of the best asset classes in history and one of the best assets to hedge against inflation.

MAIHOMM is an innovative fractional real estate company.  It is ‘innovative’ because it is different from the regular real estate that we all know.  We deal with fractional part of the property in the sense that we don’t sell full properties. That is not what we do, we break things down. It is a concept that I introduced myself because I have investment banking as my background.

Eniola said, the product is new in some climes but it is equal to time share that obtains abroad because it helps you buy property abroad without breaking the bank. The system is most ideal to children whose parents left property because one cannot split the property rather, you can give it out for people to manage for you. They will manage it and at the end of every month, you share the profit raked in therefrom.

According to him, in addition to protecting your cash against inflation, earn foreign exchange return of up to 21 per cent per annum in rental income from the property, you co-own and recoup your initial investment with ongoing, consistent cashflow in fiat currency. “You will also earn an average 4 to 6 per cent in annual asset appreciation, redeemable on sale of the entire asset or sale of your stake in the property.

“You will also benefit as a property owner in one of the strongest global economies, you are the legal beneficiary of ‘hard Asset’ imperative for any strong investment portfolio strategy.  You will gain key advantage in your international administrative affairs with a foreign property Deed of Assignment and Trust Deeds legally confirming your asset ownership. These could be used to fortify visa application, international business affairs, credit status and other legal requirements.  With habitable days, you will have somewhere to stay when abroad for study, training, international certification or a simple vacation,” he said.

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