Falana alert FG of abduction of another teenager in Zamfara

By Lukman Olabiyi

Human rights activist and chairperson of Women Empowerment and Legal Aid (WELA), Mrs Funmi Falana has cried to the Federal Government for the rescue of another 14 year old girl, Lucy Ejeh, who was allegedly abducted in Zamfara State.

According to Mrs Falana, said as the dust is yet to be settle on the abduction saga of Miss Ese Oruru who was allegedly taken from her abode in Bayelsa state to Kano for the purpose of islamisation, forced marriage, “we have just received another report of the kidnap and conversion from Christianity to Islam of a 14-year old girl named Lucy Ejeh which occured in Zamfara state.
“Miss Ejeh was allegedly abducted by one Hajiya Zarau on the 31st day of October 2009 and taken to an Imamā€™s house for the purpose of conversion to Islam.
“All efforts made by her parents to secure her release have proved abortive. We use this opportunity to call on the government of Zamfara State to ensure that Miss Ejeh is re-united with her family without any further delay while her abductors are fished out and prosecuted”.

The WELA chairperson noted that the abduction saga of Ese has confirmed the level of insecurity of life and the inadequacy of legal protection for women and children throughout the nation.
She said her group has found that such gross infringement of the human rights of women and children are prevalent in the country due to the connivance of security agencies.
“Although Ese has since rejoined her family she has been married off illegally and put in the family way with all the risks involved. “Since it is evident that Ese has been subjected to sexual abuse the Bayelsa state government should ensure that she is given adequate medical medical attention”, she said.

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