Court dissolves 8-year-old marriage over wife’s disobedience

A Mararaba Grade 1 Area Court in Nasarawa State on Friday dissolved an eight-year-old marriage between Ajibo Dominic and his wife Fatima Obenya for disobedience and indecency.
The President of the court, Albert Maga, who dissolved the union, said that all efforts to reconcile Dominic and his wife had proved futile.
He said the court had no option than to dissolve the union for them to allow them go their separate ways.
“Both parties are no longer husband and wife, they are free to go their separate ways,” Maga held.
Dominic, 39, a businessman, had on Dec. 2, 2015, urged the court to dissolve the marriage because his wife was disobedient and no longer listens to him.
“My wife dresses indecently and whenever I caution her, I get the insult of my life and threats to leave my house.
“I have done my best as a husband and also a father, but my wife has pushed me to the wall as I can no longer take it anymore.
“She always tells me that there are many men out there who want her, now I am giving her the opportunity to get what she wants,’’ he said.
He told the court that his marriage with Fatima, his now estranged wife, which was contracted in 2008, produced two children.
Fatima, however, begged the court to save the marriage because she was still in love with her husband.
“I still love my husband and I have tried to beg him several times, but it seems he has made up his mind.
“We had a family meeting with both families involved, he said to our faces that he is tired and no longer interested in the marriage,’’ she said.

Source: NAN

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