Centre lauds Reps for innovations in Appropriations

From Ndubuisi Orji, Abuja
The Centre for International and Strategic Studies has lauded the House of Representatives  for its people-oriented approach, transparency and inclusivity, especially in the area of appropriations. 
The country representative, of the centre, Professor Ifure Ifure, in a statement, on Sunday, noted that the 10th House has  revolutionized the budgetary process with fresh ideas and innovations, in the last one year.
Ifure stated that the Appropriations Committee, under the leadership of Kabir Bichi, as chairman, has created a model that ensures that resources are allocated efficiently, effectively, and with the utmost transparency.
According to him, the House Committee on Appropriations has put in place a system that harnesses  technology and data analytics to optimize resource allocation.
He said “I am, of course, referring to the groundbreaking feat accomplished by the 10th House of Representatives in the realm of appropriations. Their fresh innovation, which has revolutionized the way our nation allocates resources, is a shining example of what can be achieved when vision, determination, and expertise come together.
“As the country representative for the Centre for International and Strategic Studied, I and my team took it upon ourselves to appraise the 10th National Assembly and we are proud of the outcome; legislators driven by a shared passion for progress and a commitment to excellence.
“We particularly observed the Green Chambers’ innovative approach to appropriations. The Appropriations Committee, led by Hon. Kabir Bichi, has demonstrated a commitment to transparency and inclusivity, aligning with the ‘Open and Inclusive’ mantra of the 10th House under Speaker Tajudeen Abass.”
Ifure added “for the first time in our nation’s history, budget proposals were subjected to public debate, inputs, and suggestions from members of the public. This groundbreaking achievement occurred during the consideration of the last supplementary budget, when the Speaker, through Hon. Bichi, invited Nigerians to participate and granted live coverage for the world to see.
“This marks a significant departure from the traditional closed-door approach to appropriations and demonstrates the 10th House’s commitment to accountability, transparency, and citizen engagement. By opening the budget process to public scrutiny and input, the House has affirmed its dedication to ensuring that resources are allocated in a manner that truly serves the needs of the Nigerian people.
“Bichi has also implemented a cutting-edge system that harnesses the power of technology and data analytics to optimize resource allocation. This has not only improved the speed and efficiency of the appropriations process but has also ensured that funds are channeled towards projects that will have the most significant impact on our nation’s development.”

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