Caught in the act

Linus Oota, Lafia

Something unexpected, something strange, something shocking happened in the Honko community, in Awe Local Government Area of Nasarawa State, recently, when a married woman became pregnant for her stepson.

As if that was not enough an abomination, the same woman was caught red-handed, stark naked, by her husband and father of the young man, having sex with him. That, in a nutshell, is the story of Fatima Musa, 33, married to Audu’s father, Musa Akur, 49.

Audu’s mother is late. She died nine years ago, prompting his father who is a farmer, to take a second wife. Somewhere along the line, he decided, for undisclosed reason, to go for a third wife. But it caused an emotional crack in the once peaceful home. Whenever discussion on such matters comes up, accusing fingers point at Musa who is said to be fond of showing preferential treatment to his last wife named  Hauwa. He was also said to be in the habit of starving Fatima of sex, and that he, in fact, did that for more than one year on account of her nagging.

Rumours and denials

Sometime in January 2019, the neglected woman allegedly found solace in the arms of Audu, the only son of her late mother. Fatima who was tired of staying without sex suddenly fell in love with him. Her visit to Audu’s house, especially at odd hours, was said to have become too frequent as to begin to raise eyebrows. Soon, rumour began to spread in the compound and neighbourhood about the suspicious closeness between the two.

On one occasion Musa, had  warned them about the danger of the alleged cozy relationship, asking his second wife to curtail her frequent visits to his son, but Fatima claimed there was nothing abnormal going on between them. If anything, the warning did nothing to deter them.

Nemesis, however, caught up with her when they were caught red handed. That was about three months after she became pregnant for Audu. The bubble burst when Musa, after returning from a business trip, had tiptoed to his son’s house, following a tip-off from his third wife, to find the two engaged in passionate sex at about midnight. Thereafter, the hue and cry of the third wife, over what she saw as an abomination, reportedly attracted the attention of people living around.

While Fatima is sober but non-remorseful about the shameful saga, Audu with whom she engaged in the unholy act is full of regrets and sorrow. Recounting how his life suddenly turned upside down after his mother passed after battling  kidney-related problem for one-and-a-half year, he said: “I thought I wasn’t going to survive my mum’s painful and sudden demise because I was too attached to her. I had completed my secondary school education and was preparing to go further when my father married a third wife and she stopped him from funding my education. She hated me with passion.”

How their illicit romance started

The young man who owns a barber’s salon and a provision store in Awe town then gave an insight into how the amorous relationship between him and his now-pregnant stepmother began. It started one day early in January when he closed very late from work hungry but without anything to eat, he revealed. He then decided to visit his father’s two wives to ask for food to eat. It was Fatima (who obviously had been nursing some feelings for him without him knowing) who offered her food.

“On entering my daddy’s second wife’s room, I saw her wearing a lacy night gown and she was really hot,” he recalled. “She is 33. My dad was away in Abuja for an important assignment. My stepmother has always been very forward with me but I simply believe she was just being nice. She started talking about general topics and deviated from there to start flirting with me. This was after I finished eating the food she gave me. The next thing I knew, she leant over to kiss me and I kissed her back. I looked into her eyes and could not resist her charm. We began to kiss. One thing led to another and we were soon naked as she pulled off my jeans and led me to the bedroom. She gave me a hard suck.

“My head exploded. I could not hold it any longer. I had to give in to her devilish sexual act. She kept screaming out of pleasure while I continued to thrust harder and harder for more than 25 minutes. I had this rush of strength that made me last long inside her before I finally gave a very hot release inside her. She stood up after the whole act and gave me a hot kiss of my life. We had the best night ever. She told me that I was 101% better than my father in bed.”

Regrets and blame

But after sweetness comes bitterness. This was what happened as a flush of guilt took over Audu after the sexual act. “I felt guilty but I just could not control myself,” he said, especially after she told him his daddy has not had sex with her for over a year. “I became helpless because I could not resist her attraction. We continued with the affair but continued to keep it secret. A month before we were caught, out of the blue, she came to my shop and told me that she was three months pregnant for me. I begged her to abort it but she refused and said that it is her first pregnancy after seven years of marriage without a child.”

Expressing his regret over the whole affair, he blamed it all on his father’s third wife. “My father allowed his last wife to destroy the family,” he said. “His last wife is the brain behind the whole story now. But my regret is that the matter is public and I will live with the stigma for the rest of my life. Well, it has happened and there is nothing I can do.”

How the bubble burst

Narrating how the bubble burst, his father, Musa, said: “I have been hearing that my first son is having an affair with my second wife but I never took it seriously. I only warned the two of them against such. That fateful day when I returned, my third wife told me that Fatima is right now in Audu’s house and she suspected that they were doing something. Because it was around 11:45 pm I decided to check and see things for myself.

“I tiptoed to his house which is very close to mine. What I saw was beyond anyone’s imagination: my son was having sex with my wife! To make it worse, they did not even care to lock the door. I saw the two of them naked. It was more ugly than shocking. Momentarily, I thought I had gone mad. I opened my mouth to scream but nothing came out. When people started coming as a result of the shouting of my third wife. I walked out in shame.”

He vowed not to say a word to them, even as he said he is aware that she is pregnant for his son. “I will be patient to see what they want to do, I will not ask or talk to any of them about it, I will mind my business and see how they intend to go about it and the pregnancy.”

Fatima’s side of the story

But Fatima told our correspondent that when she married Musa newly, everything was rosy and he never gave her a breathing space when it comes to matters of sex, as she too was a sexually active woman. “I enjoyed such attention and always looked forward to it, but in the past two years, things have changed, especially when he added another wife,” she said.

“He stopped sleeping with me completely. He starved me of sex. Anytime he spent a night in my room now, he would always give the excuse of being tired and stressed up from business, but this was the same business he was doing when our sex life was at a premium. Then it dwindled to a situation where he gets irritated whenever I touch him. In the last one year plus, he has not touched me. What does he want me to do?  So I was forced to get a lover who will satisfy me sexually and the work rate of my husband and his son in bed were at par. Thank God, it is not an outsider. I will stay here and deliver my child. I’m going nowhere because I know I committed no offence, bodi no be firewood.”

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