Avoid being used by enemies of state, CDS tells soldiers

From Tony John, Port Harcourt

The Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), General Christopher Musa, has advised troops of Operation Delta Safe not to be used by enemies of the country, but to be loyal and committed to the nation’s security

General Musa spoke at the Eid El-Kabir luncheon celebration at the Port Harcourt Barracks, where he conveyed the commendation, felicitation and appreciation of  President Bola Tinubu to the troops.

He charged the troops to resist being used by forces that seek to destroy the country’s economy, emphasising that their role is to provide solutions, not to become part of the problem.

General Musa said: “We must not be part of that,” emphasising the importance of their loyalty and dedication to the nation’s security and stability.

The CDS noted that the Military was making significant progress despite the challenging terrain, which often makes it difficult for members of the public to understand troops’ experiences.

He continued: “We recognise and appreciate your efforts and commitment to our region. Your dedication, sacrifices and hard work do not go unnoticed, especially on this special day of celebration.

“Operation Delta Safe plays a vital role in protecting our national assets, maintaining stability in the region, and promoting economic growth. Your unwavering vigilance and professionalism in combating criminal elements, oil thieves, and other security threats, are truly commendable and deserve recognition.”

General Musa also noted that Nigeria is winning the war against economic sabotage, saying the military is gaining upper hand in the fight against economic sabotage.

According to him, despite threats from various quarters, the armed forces and security agencies have ensured a hitch-free celebration, signalling a marked improvement in the security situation.

He noted that oil production has surged significantly, with a target of  two million barrels per day, vowing  to crack down on any collusion between personnel and economic saboteurs, and promising swift punishment for offenders.

He said with a zero-tolerance policy for indiscipline, the military has assured that all troops are aware of the consequences of complicity in economic sabotage.

Earlier, Commander of the Joint Task Force, South-South, overseeing Operation Delta Safe, Admiral John Okeke, said the operation had recorded major successes in anti-economic sabotage campaign.

He revealed that the operation has achieved significant milestones in its kinetic and non-kinetic operations, by shaping the operational environment and yielding notable successes. He said in the past few months, the task force has successfully deactivated numerous illegal refining sites, made several arrests and impounded vessels involved in illicit activities.

He added that the operation has cracked down on infractions at tank farms and apprehended trucks engaged in illegal operations.

According to him, the Joint Task Force has also conducted raids on criminal hideouts, resulting in the seizure of weapons and the arrest of several suspects involved in oil-related criminal activities.

He stated that the successes demonstrate the operation’s unwavering commitment to combating economic sabotage and ensuring the security of Nigeria’s oil assets.

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