Witches and wizards in the world today (10)

I am a living witness to the power of your oil and how it works. I have been in business for a long time without anything to show for it. My business is a lucrative type but my problem started the very day I saw a big snake inside my safe box. It mysteriously appeared and disappeared, beginning from that day, I have not made any sales in my shop. I have been living from hand to mouth. I was unable to pay my children’s school fees. For us to eat I had to sell my property. This continued until I ordered your oil and did the prayer.  Mid way to the prayer, I had a serious attack but I managed to continue to the end; sir, I must confess that two weeks after the prayer, I saw a serious change that amazed me…I have finally made it and my money no longer disappears from my safe box. All my customers that left me have all come back. I must confess that the miracle oil worked for me. Keep up the good works, my Professor…” Mr. Chinedu 09055406616.

I was told by my mother’s sister that I was not going to be married. So many prophets saw what was done against me but could not break it. I have prayed and fasted to no avail; I became tired of the whole thing. Any man that came across my way hated me for no reason, this continued until someone introduced me to you. When we spoke, you introduced me to your oil. I managed to order it, not knowing that I was stepping into my destiny. After the entire exercise, I was so happy that a man I loved came to ask for my hand in marriage…within two weeks, more than seven men came. Sir, I have finally made my choice and we just wedded last month. Many thanks to God for using you in my case…God bless you, sir. (Names and contact withheld).

Before I continue the story of the man I meet in the USA which i started in my  last week’s edition, I wish to inform my readers here that I received a telephone call few days ago from a woman who called to tell me that she never believed what I have been writing on witches and wizards until she had her baby few weeks ago and an unknown person visited her and consequently delivered money into the hands of her baby and speedily departed; after a while her baby died the same day for no just cause. In her words, “O what shall I do now; my life is in shambles…?” You don’t need to wait to experience these things before you wake up from your slumber. We are in a big spiritual warfare.

Now in continuation of the same story, when I told them that I saw him in the USA and consequently delivered the money and other things he gave to them, they became convinced. At the end of everything I prayed for the family and decreed that anything holding back the boy should be destroyed in Christ Jesus name; at the same time I anointed the land with the very and particular oil meant for that purpose. I will continue to say that there are different kinds of oils used for different purposes. There is oil used to chase witches and wizards away from an environment.  Four days after my visit, the younger brother to the man in USA came to inform me that the oldest man called them and confessed that he was the cause to the reason why the man has not come home then he consequently explained, “before he left for USA he gave me some amount of money and I used it to prepare a charm that none of his brothers, sisters, parents nor relative could benefit from his trip and that he will not come home till I die…”

The boy explained so many things which were done by the old man. He further urged me to follow him back to his village for urgent prayer. I did at my convenience.  On reaching the village, everybody was waiting for me, I consequently addressed them; I prayed for the old evil man and anointed the land for the freedom of my friend in USA. I also prayed for everybody and we left. It could interest the reader to know that the man in USA came home during the Christmas period with enough blessings for the entire family. The devil can use any person to realize his illicit plans but God in fullness of time will show to the entire world that he is the beginning and the end. The Bible says, “For we wrestle note against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places” Eph.6:12.

From the above biblical assertion one can in no doubt infer that the physical system of reality is a realm of psychic manipulation of the principalities and powers of the occult. I am saying this categorically because I was highly involved in the astro-metaphysical and esoteric system. In this connection, one cannot prevail with his financial power or material opulence. The word of God concludes, “…..for by strength no man shall prevail” (1Sam 2:9). It becomes evident that one can only prevail by the power in the name of Christ Jesus He who is, was and is to come. The devil is at work against the sons of men by using every means of demonic disruptive force in keeping people away from the true God. The fact that we “do not wrestle against flesh and blood” is a fact which is yet to be disproved in view of the ongoing psychic manipulation projected from satanic locations against the sons of men.

These manipulations are the major cause of human problems and unless the entire world will revisit the great God (in total submission to His ultimate will) in the spirit of repentance and contrite heart, they will still be wallowing in the swamp of esoteric gloom which is berserk on the lives of the earthmen. On the other hand, if we fail to review our stand in our great God, and consolidate same by expelling all the calumnious activities of Satan, we cannot blame God for he has done his best by giving us his only son who came to set us free from the hands of the devil.

Having said that, it becomes very imperative to inform my readers that the major causes of human problem cannot be ruled out from the realm of Satan. In most cases, Satan cannot get you without you creating the contact point directly or indirectly. Nevertheless, the devil and his empire of forces usually take undue advantage of an opportunity in order to consolidate their manipulation in the life of the earthmen. The moment they consolidate their manipulation in this connection, the person’s body becomes a playground for demonic exercise. Such a person will not be free until he comes to the real knowledge of Christ who is able to do all things the Bible concludes, “therefore if the son of man makes you free, you shall be free indeed” John 8:36. So the only power that can set the earthmen free and they become free indeed is the power of Christ. Try Him and enjoy the highest degree of freedom in Him. Amen.

In view of my previous experience, I discovered that most human problems are constructed by the devil or his agents against any person who is either troubling their kingdom or to a person who for one mistake or the other gave himself to be used for the same purpose. For instance, a man of God who is very serious with God who on the other hand, terrorizes the kingdom of the occult through his devotional services to God and humanity may be destroyed by Satan through his wife.


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