What do you do with a stingy husband?

Women who are married to stingy men are suffering. If you want to know how generous or stingy a man is, look at his wife. Look at her eyes, her skin, clothes and disposition.

Women married to stingy men hardly have peace. They are always complaining. They are always fighting with their husbands when it is time to buy foodstuffs, buy clothes for the children and themselves, not to talk of giving money to her relatives when they are in need.

When you hear some things many women go through in order to collect money from their husbands, you would pity them. Some of them have resorted to lying just to squeeze money from these rock-hand men. And the worst part is that the men don’t see anything wrong in  their actions.

You can ask, weren’t these women  aware that their men were stingy before they married them? That’s a valid question. But when a woman is in love, she accepts her man wholeheartedly. She ignores his bad habits. She marries him hoping that marriage will change him. Sometimes, love blinds these women to the true nature of their men.

But marriage has a way of waking such women up from blindness and open their eyes to the fact that some of the cute things their husbands did during courtship are bad habits of a stingy person. By this time, it’s too late for a change of heart. They are stuck with these men and life becomes unbearable. 

When it comes to marrying stingy men, women have a lot to say. A stingy man is one who reduces all things to money. No matter how you try to explain things to him, he finds a way to accuse you of trying to get his hard earned money out of him.

You talk to him about different things in your life but he seems to conclude the conversation with money matters. It’s about how you could have earned money or how you could have saved money. He doesn’t see it as providing for his family.

Ask women who are married to stingy men, they will tell you that mentioning buying something new is like a taboo. When you mention you want something new, it is like world war III to him. He cannot understand what is wrong with your old clothes, shoes and other old things. He loves old things and sees no reason to spend money, not to talk of spending them on expensive things. So, if you are a woman who likes fashion or shopping, you might end up saving your own money or engage in window shopping in silence.

A stingy man is not someone his wife can trust when there is an emergency. Women who live with stingy men dread asking them for money when an important thing suddenly surfaces. They panic over spending money to solve a need, not because they are wasting money but because they are afraid of what these men would tell them.

Some women who have dated or married stingy men swear that such men love to visit cheap places. Nobody is saying you should break the bank to take your woman out, but if you have the money to spoil the woman you love, why not?

As a wife, you deserve to be pampered and your man shouldn’t take you to cheap places. However, you may find that your husband has no time for that and if he does, he looks for cheap places because he finds it hard to spend money.

If you go somewhere nice, he will complain about how everything is expensive and embarrass you there. Even when you end up convincing him to spend this money once in a while, he will still blame you at the end of the day for making him spend so much.

Some of these men extend their stinginess to themselves unknowingly. You see them in faded clothes and worn out shoes often. They are always talking about money but find it hard to spend it. It’s like losing oxygen when they have to spend money. They complain and complain that you have a headache listening to their unending rants.

Do you know that some men have not bought clothes for their wives for many years and they see nothing wrong in that? They expect the women to die taking care of them and their children. They are the kind of men who would spare no expense when it comes to meeting their needs but scream no money when it comes to their wives and children.

Many women don’t receive pocket money from their husbands. They can’t even boast of taking care of their parents or financially supporting their siblings when it matters because Mr. Husband is so stingy, he doesn’t care about her. That’s too bad.

Stingy men don’t like to go out with their wives. They dread family gatherings because they don’t want people to ask them for money. They complain a lot in order to cover their stingy nature. They are the ones who will start complaining about money immediately they arrive home so that their wives won’t have the courage to demand for anything.

Sometimes, it is surprising that when some of these men die, they have enough money in the bank to feed an entire village for years, yet they allow their families to live like beggars.

Women who are married to stingy men need to sit up. When you’re married to him, you cannot turn back the hands of time but you can take some steps to ensure you don’t suffer unnecessarily because a man is stingy even to himself.

To women with stingy husbands, you need to learn new tricks on how to handle them otherwise you will end up looking older than him. That is when he will suddenly know you don’t complement him anymore and need to be replaced by a younger woman.

Woman, you need money. Stop pretending about that. Money answers all things. You need money to look good, run your home and take care of yourself too. So, let him know that you have needs.

Although there are husbands that know you need the money, yet will be reluctant to spend.There are others who don’t know you are in financial crisis. So tell him your needs, make a list and show him what you need money for.

When he’s finding it hard to give you money, call up your relatives and ask for money. Men hate it when people to think they aren’t capable of taking care of their responsibilities. So, if he thinks he’s stingy, call one of your male family members and ask for money in his presence. He will sit up next time.  Your stingy husband might not be used to the idea of gifts and giving without any occasion to. When you go shopping, buy him something. With time, he will learn to do the same out of shame, guilt or both

Listen to me women, if you are married to a stingy man, you need to empower yourself. Living with such a man is not the time to be financially incapable. Make your own money. Take care of yourself and your children.

If you are still single, run away from a stingy man. A stingy man will not only be stingy with his money, he will also want to control how you spend yours. And if a man is stingy when he’s poor, know that he will also be stingy when he is rich. To some men, stinginess runs in their blood, you can’t change them. So, watch it ladies!

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