The Winlos’ ‘Prophet Suddenly’ hits YouTube for worldwide viewing


The highly anticipated movie, “Prophet Suddenly,” produced by the talented duo known as The Winlos, is now available for viewing on YouTube. 


Following a successful premiere, the film was officially released on Sunday, 28th of 2023. Viewers can now enjoy the captivating story and exceptional production by visiting YouTube.


The Winlos, comprised of Ohis Muyiwa and Anwinli Ojeikere, originally crossed paths a few years ago while participating in their church drama group as actors and writers. From their initial encounters in church settings to shared dinners, a deep bond formed between the two best friends. They eventually tied the knot and continued their mission of spreading the love of God through various creative mediums, including skits, stage plays, movies, and other forms of illustration.


Their unique talent and unwavering dedication have earned The Winlos numerous accolades and reinstated the significance of mini-drama within the Christian community. One of their skits, “GOD TOLD ME TO MARRY YOU,” propelled them into the limelight, garnering millions of views worldwide and international recognition. This recognition extended to translations of their skits into languages such as French, Hindi, and more. The Winlos have breathed new life into Christian entertainment and become a breath of fresh air in the industry.


In 2021, The Winlos’ recent film, “Twelve Forty Five,” was selected and screened at the prestigious International Christian Film and Music Festival in Orlando, Florida, USA. Their artistic contributions have also made them mentors and inspirations to countless married and unmarried couples worldwide. Their unparalleled relationship series has captivated audiences, and they continue to host their immensely popular comedy show, “THE WINLOS SHOW (TWS),” every February. The show combines pure comedy, stage play, and music for an unforgettable experience. Additionally, their weekly interactive series, “ASK THE WINLOS,” streamed on their internet TV, has transformed numerous lives. Each year, they embark on a campus tour named MRC (MY RELATIONSHIP CONFERENCE) to empower young individuals.


As prolific authors, The Winlos have penned the best-selling books “His Ex, Her Ex” and “Blind Date,” which have garnered widespread acclaim. Their contributions to the Christian community were recognized in 2021 when they were nominated among the 100 most influential Church figures in Nigeria by


Celebrating ten years of marriage, The Winlos are blessed with a daughter, Aima. In addition to their creative endeavors, they also serve as lead pastors at The Votage, a vibrant church affiliated with The Winlos Ministry.


To stay connected with The Winlos and their upcoming projects, visit their social media platforms.

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