The making of Biafran zombie

When the late legendary and prophetic afro beat maverick, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, released his hit song, Zombie, it shook Nigeria to the very foundation, leading to what is known today in Nigeria, as the unknown soldier, who descended on Afrika Shrine and desecrated it. By the way, Anikulapo, the Yoruba tell me, means the man with death in his pocket. And because Fela had death in his pocket, he escaped death by the whiskers and lived, remaining a constant irritant to the powers that be until he eventually went the way that is common to all men and received, perhaps, the hugest crowd of mourners ever in Nigeria’s history.

Now, Nnamdi Kanu, leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, and former director of Radio Biafra is set to remake Zombie in Igbo land. The ‘ochindigbonanwata gburugburu’ has decreed it: There shall be no election in his entire kingdom of Igbo land in 2019, beginning with the Anambra gubernatorial election in November. Well, if he expected the highly republican Igbo to say ‘at your command, your imperial majesty,’ he goofed. If he expected to successfully make of the Igbo man Fela’s zombie, he has embarked on a tailspin dance to oblivion.

Kanu has misread assumed success of the sit-at home order of last May to mean he is now commander-in-chief of Igbo land. He has begun to romanticise or fantasise how he will rule Biafra like its despot. However, nobody knows for sure if the supposed compliance was as a result of fear of the unknown or the normal yearly mourning of the Biafran dead, which Chief Ralph Uwazurike and his MASSOB actually started long before Kanu’s emergence. Ursurping that glory would be most uncharitable.

Thankfully, the President of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Chief Nnia Nwodo, and other reasonable Igbo have come out strongly against Kanu’s braggadacio that bodes ill for the Igbo man.

Truly, no true Igbo son or daughter is happy with our lot in this screwed up country but Kanu is bringing more calamity upon the Igbo through his obduracy and ambition. We all want Biafra, not necessarily as a different entity from Nigeria, but even as part of the Nigerian estate but with full rights to justice, fairness and equity.

There is, however, something the Igbo need to do before listening to Kanu’s indecorous song. There is trending article about Spain and Germany that should interest the Igbo. When the Catalonians realised that Spain would not give them independence, they turned inwards to develop their region and emerged the economic bastion of Spain. Similarly, Bayern in Germany also dreamt of Bavaria but opted to be part of Germany instead. Today, it is the most advanced region of Germany. Even California did the same and ranks not only as biggest economy in the United States of America today but also the sixth largest economy in the world. Such has been my advocacy all these years but sadly, people have fallen prey to kanu’s mob hysteria and lost sense of reasoning.

Nigeria’s mistreatment of the Igbo could be positively used as a spur to build an advanced economy to the extent that this same Nigeria will come to depend on Biafra land.

Of course, we want Biafra, but kanu’s Biafra does not appeal to common sense. Whereas his wife and kids are ensconced in safe haven in London, he wants to rope the stupid ones among us into a battle that would not only consume us, our wives and children but incinerate our hard-won gains since we began recouping our losses in the Civil War while also clinging to his British passport that would enable him to escape. The fools can dance to this inebriated Ajasco dance but the wise should be wary.

What drives Nigeria against the Igbo is pure jealousy and envy, seeing that the Igbo are like the beetle; you can’t put them down easily. But we have not helped matters by constantly plotting against ourselves and even kowtowing to jobbers in search of cursed lucre. Already, the battle is on and will rage fiercer when we get to Biafra. We now hear of core Biafra and peripheral Biafra, all because of Kanu’s mischief. Whoever told kanu and gang that he has the right to dictate to the Igbo whether to participate in election or not? To come all the way from Abia to tell Anambra not to elect their governor when he has not asked Dr. Ikpeazu Okezie, governor of his home state to vacate his seat is warped. Worst still, Nigerian security apparatchiks are now set to strengthen the siege on Igbo land all because of Kanu. Maybe, November 17 should actually be the referendum for Kanu’s acceptability, as we watch to see if he successfully mobilises his perceived, assumed, imagined or real popularity to stop Anambra from electing their governor on that date.

People say Kanu has huge followership; I really don’t know about that. I know about undiscerning mob that have been brainwashed to believe that  ‘Biafra’ is the ultimate solution to their hunger. If not properly handled, that will become the beginning of sorrow for them. Or is it not this same Kanu that is already being deified, as evidenced in pictures online?

Let Igbo consider the wise approach of Bavaria and Catalonia, etc., and see if the lgbo will not emerge stronger and better. Let Igbo sons and daughters see the need to invest at home; to gradually disinvest from other parts of Nigeria; to repatriate homewards their huge investments conservatively put at N44 trillion in the North alone. Let our governors create conducive investment opportunities across Igbo land to encourage replication of hefty offshore investments on Igbo soil. That is the simple route to Catalonia, as enumerated in that beautiful article.

God has endowed the Igbo with uncommon intellect to excel in virtually all spectrums of life. We should deploy this to developing our homeland instead of plowing our sweat into ungrateful wastelands perpetually under threat. No place is safe for the Igbo and their investments except Igbo land.

Let the Igbo also look out for one another. These and similar thought patterns will surely lead us to a more prosperous and glorious Biafra than a yet unripe political entity, which can come later after putting our house in order. While fostering peace with other sections of the country, the Igbo just have to be as smart as they that feel safer and better at home while the itinerant Igbo have remained prodigal with their resources.

From Ofodile to Kanu

I follow Nnamdi Kanu on Youtube, and was so frightened by the crowd of people gathering around their compound everyday, which I consider very dangerous.

The people gathering around their compound is very worrisome, in that any spark, either by gunshot, or even matches, or the sight of police, will lead to stampede. And hence, there is stampede; it may lead to deaths…They should advise the people to stop coming… If you can pass on this information, you would be helping to avert a potential human calamity.

Michael Ofodile


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  1. We don’t want a kind of Biafra inside Nigeria, like California in America or Berlin in Germany, all we asked for is a freed Biafra Nation. And note, Cataluña is fighting very hard to get their independence from Spain , with Barcelona as it’s capital, I am a resident there, and I think am in a good position to tell you more details about Spain.

  2. I totally agree with you sir. Let’s start the reformation from our Region by focusing on SECURITY, POWER AND SOLID ROAD NETWORK, with all these enumerated, our people in the North and other parts of Nigeria will be compelled to relocate and start investing in that abandoned Region, with our internal Revenue, uncommon ingenuity and Federal allocation, we have the potential to transform that Region to the envy of the World. With all these in place Nigeria will not continue to ignore Igbos.

  3. Dear offordile, your write up, is not far from the truth, but you dwelt more on raising your fear of Kanu becoming the overall Igbo leader than an objective analysis of the situation on ground. Yes, kanu’s approach to the Biafran Agitation might seem confrontational, but that is the language Nigeria understands. I do not support violence in any form, but most of you who oppose Kanu, do so that he might incidentally assume leadership in Igbo land if left unchallenged. Those of you who profit from the current skewed system can’t come out in the open to speak against the myriads of injustice meted against Indigo for years. The case of Catalonia in Spain and Bayern in Germany are very different for they both manage their internal economic affairs which made it possible for such economic development in their areas. Here in Nigeria, the center controls everything from taxation to road maintenance. The Coal deposit in enugu, is lying fallow because the state can’t do anything over it. If the North has vehemently opposed the on-going call for restructuring which will engender such economic growth as in the case of Catalonia and Bayern which you alluded to, tell me what then do we do? Sit down and perish in perpetual penury. God forbid. Of what value is the Anambra election. Elections here are mere ritual than a political process. If boy cotting the election will make Federal Government pay attention to the demands of indigbo, let it be. All we ask is freedom and justice and that we must get by hook or crook.

  4. Mr Tony Iwoma (Men-O-Pulse)

    By the phonetics of your brand name, I thought you should dwell on women, puberty, menstruation, early and late MENOPAUSE. I think you will do better there.
    Your article, “The Making Of A Biafran Zombie”, though, your opinion is simply childish.

    Matured writers, don’t allow their emotions (especially bitterness, hatred etc) to overrun their sense of reasoning.

    So I will advice Sir, next time you pick up your writing pad to write, write with you brain and not by the weight of envelope made available to you.


  5. As the common saying goes, “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely”!

    Obviously, no Igbo blood in NIGERIA and in diaspora, is happy with the way the Federal Government of NIGERIA had been maltreating the Igbos in NIGERIAN Governance!

    Even other honest and morally desciplined NIGERIANS, from the other tribes and cultures, also bear the witness of such maltreatments against the Igbos by the Federal Government of NIGERIA, which is more pronounced in this current Federal Executive Government appointments that clearly assassinated the Constitution of Federal Character in such appointments!

    Morally justifiable agitations is acceptable from any quarters, especially when moral wisdom of social justice is clearly demonstrated in such agitations!

    I believe Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is an intelligent man! But being an intelligent is also limited with pros and cons!

    We obviously sympathised with him with all honesty, when he was arraigned and detained in Kuje Prison for nearly two years, by the Federal Executive Government!

    All Well-meaning Nigerians citizenry across the tribes and cultures.pressured the Federal Executive Government to release him unconditionally!

    The recent uterances, like there will be no Election in Anambra State few months to come, and the likes from the group of Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB), is uncautioned sttement

    If Mazi Nnamdi Kanu appended his signature to such unguided uterances, is very unfortunate, especially in our civilized and cultured society!

    Anambra State, historically, is the first and the foremost, our Fathers’ God-given natural resourceful land, the main ancestral settlement before expansion into other areas of the present Southeast, Southsouth, among others!

    With all honesty, no group under any name, has any legitimate right, whether political or religious, to stop any scheduled Election, on which all votable aged sons and daughters of Anambra State, have their legal voting rights to choose who they want as their constitutional next Governor!

    IPOB leaders should publicly withdraw their statement concerning Anambra’s Governorship upcoming Election, and humbly applogise to all Anambra people!

    Courtsy of social justice demands them to rightly do so without any further delay!

    1. Those who want to continue to be governed in Nigeria should go ahead and exercise their rights to vote. Those who are tired of wondering in the wilderness of hopelessness called Nigeria for over 50 years should choose not to vote for continued marginalization, oppression, injustice and slavery come November. No one can be forced to vote or not to vote, but they can be persuaded/ advised in which way to choose. This is why politicians champagne for votes. It is now sacrilege when the call is made by the IPOB Leader Mr. Kalu. Ndigbo please check yourselves very well. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  6. I have long emphasized the fact that Republic Of Biafra does not depend on Kanu or IPOB, with Kanu and IPOB, Biafra wouldn’t have been possible even in hundred years, any who sees Biafra from Kanu and IPOB standpoint is ignorant and naive.

    1. You are free to remain a slave, oppressed and marginalized in your republic of Nigeria you ignorant and naive Igbo son who the Northerners call uncultured criminals who’s mother, wife, sister’s, daughter’s are labeled as prostitutes as it is the most lucrative way for your women to survive in Nigeria. You can have Nigeria, but please let us have Biafra without further dehumanization from a Judas or Brutus like yourself. All hail Biafra!

  7. There is no comparison between Catalan, Bavarian an Biafra. October 1st 2017 is deadline of Biafra with Nigeria with Diplomacy or War. God Is With Us!!!

  8. This writer has unwittingly played into Kanu’s hand by helping to keep the kite of Biafra flying. He is helping to draw our attention to the issue of Biafra which his call for boycott of election in Anambra state was also intended to achieve. Many people will not vote out of fear and traditional indifference of citizens to exercising their voting rights and all will be attributed to his call and popularity of IPOB state of Biafra cause and the referendum issue. Bear in mind that the Ohaneze group president might not have made his statement without that call. The question is what is Kanu’s plan of action. It actually follows the way it was intended to be perceived effortlessly.

    1. Plan of action is to boycott all votes in the republic of Nigeria. Biafran’s will no longer vote to give leaders permission to enslave, oppress and marginalize them for the sake of saying that they voted. What are they voting for? What have they been voting for since the past 50 years? The people of Israel only wondered in the wilderness for forty years. Ndigbo have you not wondered enough? When will you return to your promised land? Ndigbo should not vote again until they vote anew in the land of Biafra. “Rome was not built in a day. ” This is the only plan worth focusing on today! No Biafra! No Vote!

  9. @voice in the wilderness, if a government is bad, it can only be replaced with another government. If you say a bad government will not exist and you dont put in place another government, how will you govern the society? That is where Kanu and IPOB got it wrong, very wrong. Biafran Government will be in place on interim basis in which all the present poplitical office holders in Biafraland will remain in their respective positions till election, that is why there wont be election in Anambra in November. Biafra deadline with Nigeria is October 1st 2017 with Diplomacy or War. God Is With Us!!!

  10. The truth is that the so called Igbo Leaders are not actually leading Ndigbo. They are leading their stomachs and their respective families. They are only leading political thugs. So please apart from Nnamdi KANU, there is no Igbo leader for now. How many of those claiming they are governors and Igbo leaders will sleep in Kuje Prison one night without collecting oil well and appointment and denounce his identity. They are not Igbo leaders. They come to power by accident.

  11. anambra election is not my problem because there had not been any election in Nigeria.what we used to have is the inec and the a party thug give post to whom it may concern.if I am in anambra I will not vote.not because KANU said so but because in Nigeria your vote does not own definition of biafra is to have huge FG presence in form gigantic industries is the case in other regions like sw S’s and north. a Biafra where Igbo industrialist will relocate at 50% of there of there investment to Igbo land.a biafra in which the Igbo are discriminated against in any form.without these, the Igbo tribe is heading to oblivion.may God forbid nightmare.anything short of these, then the Biafra of KANU definition which we fear has no alternative. Spain Germany and American. have about 95% reasonable human being s while Nigeria has about 95% of reasonable and self serving people.Nigeria does not function on proved economic,political,religious and social principles.

  12. Godly wisdom remains eternally supreme and sovereign over all human diversified wisdom!

    God had foreknowledge of the past, the present and the future!

    Igbos by nature, are highly religious and industrious in every sense of honesty!

    But problems with many Igbos religiousity, is hypocritical lips calling on God Almighty, while their hearts are far away from the same God Almighty, they claimed to be serving!

    God Almighty can never be mocked!

    Just like Jesus Christ says that any house that rises against itself cannot stand.

    New generational Igbos should first learn on how to put ther homes together with prosper respect to elders and to one another,as one of the essential steps for the way forward!

    The behaviours of the Igbos younger generations that is dominated with insultive statements, hate-speeches, rebellious, among others, is never part of Igbos traditional and cultural values that we grew up with in our local communities!

    Imagine a situation where an elderly person is correcting younger person, the next thing you would hear from him very arrogantly, is “ona enyem nri”, meaning “does he feeds me?”

    When this devilish subtle concept crippled into Igbos communities gathering, especially among the younger generations, things began to fall apart, similar to Prof. Chinue Achebe, in his book “Things Fall Apart and Center cannot hold” remarks!

    We must always be contious if the Godly fact, that no Nation exists in isolation, neither can Bafria agitators exist in isolation from other nations of the world!

    God Almighty remains God of order and due process!

    When you carefully and objectively read through the book of Exodus in regards to the Israelites slavery in Egypt for about 430 or 432 years as some Biblical scholars record!

    Within that years, Moses wanted to take law into his hands, by killing the Egyptian task master he saw maltreating the Hebrew fellow!

    When Pharaoh was informed, he ordered for the arrest and execution of Moses, he escaped into wilderness, and later was absolved by the priest of Medianite into his household, and got married to his daughter, Zaporah!

    God Almighty appeared to be silent all those while! Forty years later, He called the same Moses to go back to Egypt and request Pharaoh, the political number one citizen of Egypt, to let His chioced people go to the land that He, God Almighty had allocated to them, from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!

    All through the Moses direct engagements on the new Assignment from God Almighty, he never used any sort of hate-speeches or assultive words towards Pharaoh, nor the Egyptians. He was only following God’s direct command, until he finally achieved the success of his given assignment, with God’s full miraculous involvement all through the struggles between Moses and Pharaoh, for the legal release of the Israelites!

    The same is relatedly applicable in NIGERIA situation and Igbos Marginalization by the Federal Executive Government!

    Moses was firm and thorough in carrying out his God given Assignment and remained fearless in confronting Pharaoh and his political officials, but he never for once insulted Pharaoh, his political officials or the Egyptians and their Nation/country!

    This is where the Bafria’s agitators of different groups have missed it out, if their mission is truly from the same God Almighty that engaged Moses in Egypt, as they claimed that He has engaged them in NIGERIA for the realization of Brafia mission, they have to be using Godly verbal languages, especially in their public statements!

    They have a lot to learn of God Almighty, as God of perfect order and due process, among other things!

    They also have a lot to learn from Moses, with careful study of the Bible from Exodus to Deuteronomy!

    They should also stop all forms of hate-speeches and insultive name-calling to the NIGERIA Political and Religious leaders, including Nigerians of other tribes and cultures, as well as those Igbos extract they feel are not in open support of their mission!

    That is my elderly advise!

    May God Almighty give everyone of us His Godly wisdom for doing things more appropriately!

  13. It is not easy to be a hero or a leader. Nnamdi Kau has proved that he is a strong freedom fighter. In the course of fighting freedom, he has never let an Igbo man down nor the Biafra even at the Nigerian court. His words and mission statements are precised and infomative just like Luther of USA.

    Therefore , I think that you should give credit to Kanu instead of being jealous with his achievement so far. What Kanu has done today is what you cannot do nor achieve. If one feels that he or his family is eligible for UK visa, he can apply for it. The young man Kanu and his family residing abroad is his personal effort not the effort of the biafra. Your write up however is disappointing.

  14. @Umeh, it is not about sermon as I already said. A word is meaningless without its depth intent. You would have said the same thing to Ojukwu in 1967. October 1st 2017 is the day God will manifest His decision. Biafra deadline with Nigeria is October 1st 2017 with Diplomacy or War. God Is With Us!!!

  15. Mr. Eziekel Okeke, you possibly don’t know Dim Ojukwu’s original intentions very well.

    In as much as he was a renowned Oxford intellectual bleed and well seasoned Military intelligent officer, he was well cultured in widely consultations before making Declaration! Try and get his Engugu declaration and see how well cultured he was with due respect to elders of his time, that gave him wider support all around!

    I know him very well and most of the steps he took before and during 1966, and his declaration at Enugu 1967 that triggered Gowon for the out break of the NIGERIA civil war, commonly tagged Bafria civil war!

    Many things were involved which you possibly don’t have any knowledge about!

    Dim Ojukwu had personal issue with Gowon, after the assassination of Aguyi Ilonsi.

    The main issue, among others, was that Dim Ojukwu insisted that the Yoruba man, which I could not recall his name now, at Ibadan Command, was the next in rank to take over, instead of Gowon, after the assassination of Aguyi Ilonsi. That is where the main issue started, and latter linked to the mindless mascare of Igbos in thousands at the North by the Noutherners!

    Though, he was later being sabotaged with the Awolowo’s influence by majority of Yorubas. But very few Yorubas still stood on Ojukwu’s side to resist Gowon and his Military from 1967- January 15th 1970!

    Before his death, during interview, he seriously warned that second war is not necessary. When the interviewer asked him that people would accuse him that he led the first civil war in NIGERIA!

    He responded Yes, that he proudly led the first civil war under unavoidable necessity, and that any second war is not necessary. If you want to have access to the video, send your WhatsApp number and I will share it with you!

    It is always good, as part of our highly cultural values, to deeply get clear information, before making any public opinions about it.

    Mr. Ezekiel OKEKE, someone had recently called your attention to some of your uterances! Your response was to call him “vioce from the North”!

    I suppose we are more civilized than such unnecesary actions, except your mission is contrary!

    I am a trained paramilitary, and I understand the consequences and aftermath effect of war!

    Carefully research on the first world war of about 1914-1918 and second world war of 1939-1945, and see their aftermath effects. Google youtobe videos to see to your self how deseastrous war is to human beings and our God given natural environment!

    I don’t disrespect anybody for any reason, and I’m not a coward either!

    My response was not directly to you, but to all the reasonable intellectuals of high moral, integrity and Godly mindset!

    Whatever you believe, hold to it, and also give others due respect on their believes!

    That is true Education and global civilization!

    Thanks to you once again as ever!

  16. @Umeh, the person you quoted tagged his or her name- voice from the north which I responded to with the name, I can also use such a name for a thing coming from the north. If you do not know, Igbos is at war with the north, north is enemy of Igbos. There is no painting of words about it. You concluded the whole thing with Ojukwu’s statement you quoted “Unavoidable Necessity”. When you reason about Biafran issue a stake, know that other areas are involved, not only military standpoint but political, social, economic etc. 1914-1918, 1939-1945 etc. world responses are on which the present world is living, even you, without the world responses, the present world would have been in slavery, even you. Obama while recieving peace nobel prize said, some issues are only handled with war- which is the Ojukwu’s word of Unavoidable Necessity. I know what respect and insult are, both from cultural standpoint and law. Republic Of Biafra which majority Igbos firmly decided for, will always apply the right instruments to Unavoidable Necessity, for existence securities of Igbos in Republic Of Biafra- it is non-negotiable, no compromise. Biafra deadline with Nigeria is October 1st 2017 with Diplomacy or War. God Is With Us!!!

  17. “Igbos is at war with the North”, “North is enemy of Igbos”, is clear misconception, Mr. Eziekel!

    Igbos and Northeners have obvious issues, especially of perspective differences on political and economic matters, no doubt about that, but not enemies of each other. I totally disagree with you on that generalized statement!

    About millions of Igbos or more, are leaving in the Northern States since and after 1970 till date, and there are Hausa-Fulanis who are also living accross the Southeast/South-South States likewise till date!

    You might also accuse me of being ignorant of the Arewa Youths Coalition Declaration on 6th of June 2017 at Arewa’s House at Kaduna. I have seen the video and full documents, including the letter they wrote thereafter to Acting President Osibanjo, seeking to justify their claims!

    But still, two wrongs cannot make things right as the wisdom of respectable elders remark!

    The word “North is enemy of Igbos” is just extreme statement, my dear brother!

    If the Northerners offended you, forgive them, if you can as Bible instructs in Matthew 6:14-33, but not otherwise, especially on the public platform!

    Nature has taught us that we need Godly wisdom and mutual deplomacy in handling interpersonal relationship issues, as well as socio-political, cultural diversity, economic and religious differences!

    Twins that are concieved and born by the same mother at same day, still demonstrates their individual differences and misunderstanding of one another, and even often physically fight against each other, but they still resettle their differences.

    The concept of “war” can mean many things to people’s interpretations, including struggling over disagreement in order to agree!

    I don’t know what is your perspective of war, which you consistently use as “by diplomacy or by war, God is with us”?

    I know the Hebrew meaning of “Eziekel” is God makes strong or God is strong”! While “Emmanuel” is “God with us”, why because I studied Hebrews in higher education.

    Someone who did not study Hebrews in shool may begin to think “Eziekel” means “WAR”

    Just take note of something, among all the statement I wrote about Dim Ojukwu’s statements, before he finally responded to the call of eternal beyond, you simply picked “unavoidable necessity”, and possibly ignored others, which is very natural with one’s area of interest!

    Likewise, whenever we are writing on public opinions, we should also remember that people will read our write-ups from their area of interest and with critical analysis!

    Hence, we should be profoundly thoughtful, to ensure balance equation, in order not to misslead others, especially the morally inexperienced younger generations and youths!

    Please, remember that not all Northerners are bad, or are with any hatred against Igbos, as you seemed to claim. We also have bad Igbos who are not happy with the progress of others, many of them even go diabolical to ruining others!

    We should always be careful of generalization statement, especially in socio-political, tribal, cultural and religious issues. It is unhealthy to societal peaceful coexistence!

    May God Almighty help us all with unbiased mutual understanding, especially when handling public opinions!

  18. @Umeh, one thing that does not fit is your sermon tone, and it will never change anything as far as Unavoidable Necessity is concerned. The war I mean is Biafran bloody engagement in BIAFRAN REVOLUTION WAR. North is enemy of Igbos since 1940s which led to war that started in 1967, ceasefire of bloody engagement in 1970 but the war did not end in 1970, it ends now- this is the climax and Biafra is the Victor and will defend the God given victory with Diplomacy or War. Biafra deadline with Nigeria is October 1st 2017 with Diplomacy or War. You can even dine with your enemy but fully knowing he or she is your enemy will make you apply necessary security measures. That Igbos lives in the north does not change the fact that north is Igbos enemy and the fact that Igbos are at war with north. Existence securities of Igbos of Biafra is non-negotiable, no compromise. God Is With Us!!!

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