NNPP: All elected party members’ll be ratified for 2nd term – Sec Gen, Olaposi

By Sunday Ani

The Secretary General of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP), Ogini Sunday Olaposi, has assured that all elected office holders from the party shall be ratified for reelection in 2027.

A statement by Olaposi said all those elected on the platform of the NNPP in 2023  should be encouraged to pledge loyalty to the leadership of the party and the board
He said the original certificate of registration was with the founder, Dr  Boniface Aniebonam, and not Sen. Rabiu  Kwankwaso, Elder Buba Galadima or any other person.

“Kwankwaso ¬†and Galadima ¬†are merely being deceitful, intimidating, extorting, and avoidably autocratic to the tenets of internal democracy. This will ¬†no longer be allowed,” he said.

He described moves by Kwankwaso and Galadima to hijack the NNPP as mind boggling, saying, “It is our hope and belief that no body should make the mistake of believing that Kwankwaso can hijack NNPP.
“It is apparent that most professional politicians in Nigeria may not be adding value to Nigeria’s greatness and political development.

“It is unbelievable that a registered political party since 2001 was given to Kwankwaso to manage as its presidential candidate at no cost, and today, look at the mess, yet he wants to become the president of Nigeria. And if you ask him, he will tell you that they are politicians and they know how to play politics
“At 70 years, our founder is not getting younger to continue to defend members, and in-particular, ¬†the elected members and upcoming politicians under the canopy and membership of the NNPP.

“After 23 years of hard work, our great founder needed to rest, and guide from the rear, playing fatherly role
“It is for us to know that if nothing is done at the moment ahead of 2027, all the elected members at the state, federal and senate chamber may be enslaved and extorted heavily by the hijackers
“The fact is that most of the elected members may not be given opportunity to contest elections in 2027 if this party is left in the hands of Kwankwaso and Galadima.

“It is on record that Kwankwaso single handedly picked contestants in the last 2023 general elections, especially in Kano State.

“Never again shall this impunity be allowed to continue in NNPP.”
He urged the INEC chairman to ensure that the second original certificate of the NNPP is secured under his watch and custody to avoid replacement with copy original. This is because nothing is impossible in Nigeria.
Aniebonam is also the Chairman,  board of trustees, and the only life member of the board of trustees. Kwankwaso and others remain expelled in line with the provisions of the NNPP 2022 constitution.
He pointed out that the existing  leadership crisis in the NNPP is its  internal affairs, and it is hoped that INEC and courts shall respect the will of the greater number of members of the party.

“What we must tell Kwankwaso, or rather advise him that he just has to stop deceiving the young ones, who are members of his kwankwasiya movement.
He advised Kwankwaso to √Ľbe courageous and sincere enough to tell kwankwasiya members that he is not the owner of the NNPP, and that the certificate of registration is not with him.

He noted that the Kwankwasiya movement is not a registered political party in Nigeria but a pressure group.
“Kwankwaso should also, alongside Elder Buba Galadima, Mr Ladipo Johnson, and a host of other unemployed characters around him, stop inciting the law abiding young kwankwasiya members against the Federal Government of Nigeria

“Therefore, Kwankwaso rather than struggling over what does not belong to him, can still approach the INEC to reactivate his deregistered political party.

“It is also very important that we draw the attention of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to the fact that some of the expelled members of our great party, under financial enquiry of the commission, may have started moving their family members out of Nigeria.

“Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf should know that his loyalty is to God first, the constitution of Nigeria, ¬†people of Nigeria, and Kano State in particular, and indeed, the New Nigeria People’s Party. Mr president is the chief priest and holder of the constitution of the federal Republic of Nigeria.

“Senator Kwankwaso does not come into the bracket of loyalty other than patronage and due respect as the godfather on advisory capacity.”

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