Nigeria urgently needs young professionals like Funmi Ayinke in government, Moji Danisa says

From Fred Itua, Abuja

Moji Danisa, a Nigerian season journalist and social commentator, has highlighted the urgent need for young professionals like Funmi Ayinke Waheed Adekojo in Nigeria’s government.

In an article published recently, Danisa emphasised the importance of including young professionals in key decision-making positions to bring fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and dynamic energy to the government.

Funmi Ayinke, an exemplary young professional, has succeeded in her field of engineering and social engineering, impacting her generation by building youths for purposeful contributions to their society. Her entrepreneurial journey began with the establishment of FunmiAyinke Nigeria Limited, a company that specialises in engineering, construction, and procurement. She has received several awards and recognitions for her entrepreneurial prowess, including the prestigious African Women Industrialist Award, Africa’s Best Rated Engineer, and many others.

Danisa believes that appointing young professionals like Funmi Ayinke to the cabinet not only bridges the generational divide but also creates a harmonious synergy between experienced policymakers and emerging leaders. She emphasised that Nigeria’s government needs fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and dynamic energy to tackle the country’s challenges and take it out of the present stagnation of its economy.

Danisa also highlighted the importance of young professionals in driving economic growth through innovative startups, attracting foreign investments, and creating jobs. She believes that their ability to identify untapped opportunities, streamline bureaucratic processes, and foster public-private partnerships can contribute significantly to Nigeria’s economic transformation and wealth creation.

In conclusion, Danisa urged the president-elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, to recognise the value of young professionals like Funmi Ayinke and offer them the opportunity to shape a brighter future for Nigeria. She believes that by harnessing their talent, expertise, and fresh perspectives, Nigeria can unlock its true potential, positioning itself as a leading force in Africa and the global community.

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