Destiny and prayer ( 5)

One may not ultimately know his destiny this informs why divine effort aimed at getting one out of human predicament is needed.

Nathan Uzorma Protus

“Dear Brother in Christ, kindly publish this but not with my contact. I am a Christian and a good politician as well as an established business man from Anambra State. I have assisted many in life but they all turned against me. The most worrisome was the case of my only son who was hypnotized to take to drinking, smoking and womanizing. In my presence, this boy could smoke hemp and order expensive alcoholic drinks as if there is no life elsewhere. This became a serious problem to my household and owing to the very fact that a man once boasted before me that he was going to make my son useless during a quarrel between him and my wife over a property. After two months of the quarrel, my only son became disinterested in his education in America and came back home without our notice misbehaving. My wife took him to many men of God for prayers and we got no solution until we contacted you through someone who got her solution from you at Asaba. This relation introduced us to your column which I followed for weeks and finally assisted us to contact you. We were instructed on what to do and places to anoint with your oil and the necessary prayers associated with it. We did all we were asked to do and by the grace of God our son has stopped misbehaving and has returned to America to continue with his education. The man responsible for that has also been taken care of by God. Glory be to God my brother by using you to wipe away my tears… Be blessed.”

– Anonymous.

There are people that are not destined to have a child no matter how they pray and fast. If they claim all the biblical promises, it cannot change the will of nature. This should not be misunderstood in the light of making efforts spiritually to be free from one problem or the other. One should endeavour to make good effort out of his or her problem no matter the individual’s destiny. One may not ultimately know his destiny this informs why divine effort aimed at getting one out of human predicament is needed. If you think or claim to know the destiny of anyone in this connection, and discourage the person from seeking assistance from divine source via chosen vessels, if the person receives a miracle which is very possible, then your assumed knowledge in this regard will be defeated because nothing is rigid or inflexible spiritually.

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God his provision for grace for those chosen children of his, so even if you think you are destined not to have a child, the destiny can be changed via prayer hence such destiny is destined to be changed as well. This is not only peculiar to having a child it applies to all cases. Activities in this physical world are reflections of destinies in the inner system of spiritual reality. Prayer is necessary because God has a way of dealing with humanity. Things can change at any time. There was the case of a lady who got married for 28 years and in fact she lost hope of child bearing because of the prophecies she received from different sources that made her believed that she will not have any child. She consulted many different sources divine and demonic for assistance and they all proved to her to give up the hope of having her own child consequent upon the fact that she has no destiny in the will of life to bear her own child. In fact, she was consequently informed that even if she adopts a child that the child was going to die. The woman lived in the fear of all these and continued praying to God for help.

It came to pass on one occasion, she met someone who exposed her to this column and she was privileged to become an avid reader of same and consequently exercised faith in God through the published testimonies hitherto. She became one of my faithful followers and she contacted me and informed me of the need to order my oil. When I inquired why she needs the oil, she however informed me that she wants to use it for her personal prayer and general purpose. I however obliged her with two bottles. After about three months, she called me and demanded for another two bottles which she got too. After few weeks, she called to ask for special prayer, which she also received in good faith.

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Things happen in this life in so many different ways. On a particular Friday though I have forgotten the exact date, I received a call from this same source informing me of all I have shared with you today. She said she interceded on her own without any instruction from me for God to change her destiny and revisit her life. She went into the past and brought it to the future and consequently repositioned her future through prayer and faith in God. She also told me how she followed my teachings on revisiting the past and bringing it into the future by repositioning same. Today, she is an expectant woman and her full testimonies shall be published in this column the moment she puts to bed. The Bible affirms, “With God all things are possible…” This establishes why authentic and potential faith in Christ Jesus is necessary to overcome the evils of the enemy. The almighty God answers each and every one of us according to the level of our faith and destinies in Him.

By the grace of God, each and every one of us is a symbol of psychic-marvel which we call miracle. Therefore no one should discourage anyone from seeking divine assistance; after all, anything good is possible through God our creator.

There are also some that are destined not to marry this is true but because you do not know your destiny that is why making effort is considered imperative. For those destined not to get married, if they do they will continue to live in disunity which is still part of their inner destiny in conscious life. Therefore, any answered prayer is the one ordained and destined to come through. After all, there are things one does not pray for that comes ones way, why do they come? Nature has ordained them! No amount of noise making in the church can change nature. What the church man considers to be an answer to prayer is what God had ordained to come through, so the coincidence or providence of your prayer and the answer received is the miracle that gives the earthly shepherd daily promotion and Glory to God.

Because of our limitation, we pray to God for help. There is nothing wrong in doing so but a little philosophical inquiry may help. Assuming in the will of life, God chooses to give you a cup of water today by destiny without your knowledge of it, and you want to start praying for this cup of water by tomorrow, and eventually the cup of water is on your table, will you call it an answered prayer? Yes, it is because desire itself is prayer, this is the naïve voice of the earthly shepherd who would not want to lose his members to knowledge and wisdom. You fail to realize that there are so many things you don’t desire that come your way and a lot too you desire that fail to come through.

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The case of Sarah is very clear. She lied thereby committing a serious religious sin. But her sin which was not confessed anywhere was consequently forgiven because her destiny was indeed speaking for her own good. Her sin was in line with her destiny as such her destiny overcame the power of her sin. Destiny which is the principal driver of human choice and will, can be traced to all that is holy, that is why it is not possible for any religious person to pray him/her self into heaven when he/she is not destined or ordained to be in heaven.

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