Boko Haram fighters closing in on Garkida in 9 trucks – Adamawa lawmaker

By Billy Graham Abel Yola

The lawmaker representing Gombi Constituency in the Adamawa State House of Assembly, Japhet Kefas, has called for immediate military intervention in Garkida to forestall a possible second attack by the Boko Haram insurgents.

Kefas said local sightings suggests that some Boko Haram fighters were spotted in 9 trucks around Kalamba, in the outskirts of Garkda, Saturday evening.

He explained that the sightings has triggered panic unrest in the community, adding that the movements are similar to the kind which the insurgents made in the attack on Garkida on the eve of Christmas.

Kefas said ‘information has just reached us now that Boko Haram men are mobilising themselves to Garkida for another attack.

‘Now we are mobilising hunters to Garkida to repel another possible attack.

‘We are working keenly to deploy vigilantes and hunters to Garkida town, the logistics are quite demanding to carter for the hunters who will be camped in the town for some time.’

Kefas disclosed that ‘the casualty from the attacks by insurgents on Garkida on Christmas Eve was six instant deaths and it is still not yet clear if the two persons abducted by the insurgents are dead or alive.

‘A search party made up of hunters and civilian JTF [Joint Task Force] have been deployed to search for the two young men abducted by the insurgents and they are yet to be found.

‘Due to similarities of the mode of operation adopted by the insurgents, our communities would not afford to joke with this available information on the sighting of the insurgents in nine trucks heading for Garkida.

‘There’s need for precaution and we have notified all relevant security agencies about the possibility of a second attack by the insurgents on Garkida town because of awkward movements reminiscent of the first attack on the eve of Christmas, resulting in the death of six persons.

‘We can’t count the casualties but there were six instant deaths.

‘A fourteen-year-old girl and one vigilante are receiving treatment for gunshot wounds sustained in the attacks.

‘The attackers burnt trucks, payloaders, heavy trucks meant for the construction of Gombi-Garkida and Biu township roads.

‘They also burnt a bus loaded with wrappers, looted shops and houses and set the vigilante and military tent in Garkida ablaze.’

Attacks by Boko Haram elements on Garkida, a town located at the foot of Mandara mountains, exploited by insurgents in the guerrilla warfare, have witnessed recurring attacks, particularly during festive periods.

Early this year attacks by the insurgents left scores killed while churches, hospitals and telecommunication infrastructure in the town were destroyed.

It was one of the worst attacks carried out by insurgents since the recapture of the town from the insurgents in 2014, following the capture of Gombi, Michika, Maiha, Mubi North, Mubi South and Hong by insurgents.

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