Blackout: Ogun communities declare war on DISCO

More than 300 communities in Ogun State have declared war on the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) over its inability to supply steady electricity, unfair billing system and selective power distribution.

At a press conference yesterday, representative of all the CDC chairmen overseeing those communities, Mr. Gafar Adeyemi, said if the situation does not improve, henceforth, the DISCO should stop distribution of bills in the communities and also directed residents should stop paying into the DISCO’s coffers for electricity not used.

The communities are piqued that their neighbors and some Chinese companies daily use at least 18 hours electricity most days while they left to wallow in total darkness.

Adeyemi said, in spite of their numerous complaints, IBEDC’s response was to give the communities a total of 13 hours light in one month, which is grossly inadequate.

They called on President Bola Tinubu and the Minister of Power, Mr. Adebayo Adelabu, to intervene and come to the communities’ aid.

The communities, represented by Adesan, Mowe, Ogunrun, Eguu and Abaren CDCs said IBEDC’s incompetence had impacted negatively on the communities’ economy as well as its security.

“All our youths have become Okada riders as economic activities have come to a halt here. Welders, hairdressers, barbers, hoteliers, fishmongers are affected by the ineffectiveness of these people”, a resident, Chief Bamidele Nasiru, lamented.

“Darkness covers the evil deeds of hoodlums. If there’s no light, there’s no security. We are not here to fight them. Let’s even agree IBEDC has problem, why would my neighbor then have light and I don’t have? Their distribution is not equitable. Chinese companies use power 24 hours. And they are supplied by IBEDC. So, where do they get power supply from? Now we can’t pump water as we need light to pump water. Upon all these, they will still come with crazy bills for power not consumed. And if you don’t pay, they disconnect. However, I appeal to our youths to remain calm and not take laws into their hands because the situation is frustrating”, Chief Nosiru said.

Baale of Adesan, Chief Tajudeen Adesanolu, appealed to IBEDC to be up and doing, adding that he won’t want a situation where there will be a breakdown of peace in the community. “We can’t suffer lack of roads coupled with that of electricity”, the Baale said.

As early as 8:30 a.m., residents had trooped to the Adesan Junction, venue of  the rally/press conference in their large number, carrying placards with inscriptions: “IBEDC, we are tired of your reign of darkness”, “Let there be Light”, “No to selective distribution of power”, “Without light, life is meaningless”, etc, to tell the DISCO that “Enough is enough”.

The protesters complained that despite the fact that they were the ones responsible for buying of wires, cables, pole and transformers, they still can’t enjoy regular power supply.

In his speech, Adeyemi said, “It is now time to demand for better electricity supply and fair deal from IBEDC. What our people from across more than 300 CDAs are saying is, “Enough is enough”. Enough of  poor services, enough of IBEDC shirking in their responsibility of providing modern day technology, up to date infrastructures and relevant top of the class equipment that can rival  any of such in its class in any part of the world.”

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