Balmoral Group partners with IFMA to elevate Nigeria’s event industry

By Rita Okoye

The Balmoral Group has partnered with the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) to adopt global best practices, aiming to elevate Nigeria’s events industry.
This announcement coincided with Balmoral Group’s unveiling of a decade-long plan to establish 50 event centers.
Through this strategic alliance, IFMA will help implement international standards, promising significant sector advancements. The partnership focuses on four key pillars: leveraging innovative technologies and methodologies to enhance the efficiency, safety, and overall experience of event facilities; providing education and certification for staff and clients; employing sustainable practices to promote environmental sustainability and social responsibility; and achieving operational excellence through a robust network and resources.
“This expansion is not just about increasing our footprint; it is about setting new standards in venue management and ensuring each new location embodies the excellence and innovation that Balmoral is known for,” explained Dr. Ezekiel Adamu, CEO of Balmoral Group.
Lekan Akinwunmi, President of IFMA, expressed optimism about the collaboration, noting that it will help initiate and normalize safety practices in the industry. “The collaboration will help us train staff and build capacity in facility management skills, which will improve service delivery and the cost implications of utilizing scarce resources,” Akinwunmi noted.
The collaboration has also garnered support from regulatory agencies, including the Lagos State Safety Commission, the Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency, and the Lagos State Ministry of Works and Infrastructure.

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