Access Bank introduces PayDay loan scheme

One of Nigeria’s leading banks, Access Bank, has launched PayDay loan scheme for Nigerians.

Market watchers say the scheme will liberate beneficiaries from poverty and put food on the food of many in the country especially at this austere period.

A release from the bank describes the scheme thus:

“PayDay Loan from Access Bank is the real deal for that time when it feels like the end of the month can’t come soon enough.

“Everyone’s been there – when it feels like the next paycheck is not going to arrive early enough to fix what needs fixing now.

“It’s usually why January gets a bad rap every year, if we’re being honest. You hear things like “79 days have passed and we’re still in January” and so on. That’s because when urgent needs arise – and January is notorious for that – your next salary begins to seem too far away.

“Let’s face it! Being able to collect your salary when you urgently need it would be great. Say you have been planning to start a side business – maybe a poultry, or invest in Agriculture, and somehow, you get a good opportunity or a really good deal in the middle of the month.

“Or let’s say some emergency comes up in the house that you need to attend to. Instead of being stranded or looking for who to borrow money from, wouldn’t be better to just borrow from yourself, if you can? Well, that’s what PayDay Loan is now helping you do.

“With PayDay Loan from Access Bank, you can apply to take your salary or another amount that you need ahead of time and pay it back later – in 31 days time or on payday, whichever comes first. The process is simple and stress free. If your salary account is with Access Bank, you might very well be eligible for PayDay loan. Even if you’re not, you can still go to the bank and ask how you can be eligible for it.

“Once you confirm that you are eligible, you will be told the range of loan you can collect and you can then apply to take as much as that at a flat interest rate of 3%. As soon as the loan is approved, you will get the alert in your account within minutes. The process is that fast.

“Now you know you don’t have to keep wishing that PayDay was close. PayDay can be today or any day with PayDay Loan from Access Bank. To get more information on how to apply, please visit or dial *901*11# to get started now.”

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