Things Tinubu must do without delay, by Nigerians

From Tony John, Port Harcourt; Noah Ebije, Kaduna; Stanley Uzoaru, Owerri; Judex Okoro, Calabar; Laide Raheem, Abeokuta; Tony Osauzo and Ighomuaye Lucky, Benin


On Monday May 29 2023, former Lagos State governor, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu was sworn-in as Nigeria’s President in a colourful ceremony at the Federal Capital, Abuja.

With his assumption of office as the 16th leader of the world’s most populous black nation, Nigerians are setting agenda for the new President on what his immediate tasks should be.


He should look into the area of security –  Jackson Ojo, security consultant

The new administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu should look into the area of security first. It is only in a secure and insecurity-free society that politics and socio-economy can thrive. If the security of the country is assured, political and social activities will also become the booster of the economy, as a secured situation will boost socio-cultural, socio-economic and socio-political activities enormously.


He should usher peace, tranquillity -Elder John Fwah,  community leader.

The people are yearning for peace and tranquillity, without which no economic growth and development can thrive. The people want good governance with human face and fear of God. They look up to the government to strongly uphold the sanctity of lives and property of the citizenry. People are tired of lip service and the monotonous statement that ‘we are on top of the situation’, even when bandits, kidnappers have the upper hands.


Security should be uppermost – Abdullazeez Suleiman, spokesperson, Coalition of Northern Groups

He should work to bring about the possibility that we could look to a future without insecurity; that our young ones will get good education, acquire skills and get jobs; that corruption will be arrested, contained and eliminated. Infrastructure is decaying, young Nigerians are losing hope of being employed, our hospitals are full of people who suffer mysterious illnesses, and they cannot afford the fees.


Tinubu should focus on security- Mark Idrah, unemployed graduate.

Tinubu should address the problem of insecurity that has been on the increase since Gen. Buhari took over as president. Insecurity has over the years destroyed many lives and property across Nigeria and has rendered many people homeless, especially in the North East, North Central and South East where herdsmen and bandits continue to cause mayhem on daily basis.

He should restore security- Ubon Ekanem, media practitioner.

Addressing insecurity by the new government should be paramount to restore confidence in Nigerians and investors who are scared of bringing in their investments into the country. Once we secure the citizens, law and order would naturally return.

He should improve health sector – Wole Elusakin, CEO, Pomegranates Nig Ltd

There is nothing I desire from this new government better than improving on our health sector and education. Also, President Tinubu should make a concerted effort towards continuation of infrastructural development. These are some of the basic requirements from a government to its citizens. But most importantly, security should be tackled head on.

He should reunite Nigeria – Chike Okafor, lawmaker

There has never been a time that the country has been divided along ethnic, religious and tribal lines like we witnessed in these past years. This has totally destroyed national cohesion, trust and integration. If a state of emergency is not declared on this by the new administration, the high hopes of the people in Tinubu might be truncated. Also, all sections of the country need to be united.

Tinubu should let institutions work: –  Omoataman Augustine, a civil servant.

Tinubu should let the institutions work. If the institutions are working, Nigerians will have hope of a better Nigeria.

Nobody should be bigger or powerful than the institutions. Take for instance, the Nigerian constitution, I like it but the implementation is different. If what is good for the commoners is still applicable to the rich, there will not be problem and everybody will have a sense of belonging. Then things will begin to work.

Samuel Eboigbe,  pensioner

What Tinubu should tackle first is to tackle  insecurity. He should be able to help the military to do their jobs very well.

Nobody should be exonerated if caught doing evil or harm to every section of this nation.

Thereafter, he should think of employment for the youths because that is the core issue of youths restiveness because when one is hungry, he can’t think well because an hungry man is an angry man. He said during his electioneering,  “my dear youths, I know your problem, your problem is unemployment”.

Tinubu should reorgsnise NPDC, Iyamu Osaro Culture,  president-Edo National Voice

Tinubu should reorganise the NPDC and appoint new set of people from oil producing states to run the affairs of the Organisation.

It is evident that the  people running its affairs are from Northern region which negates the law setting up NPDC.

The  call is hinged on the inability and unwillingness of the current set of people running the affairs of NPDC to provide jobs and empower the youths of Niger Delta Region where crude oil is being drilled.  I believe that if the people of the region where crude oil is explored are appointed to oversee NPDC affairs, the issue of jobs creation and empowerment will be tackled because they feel their pains unlike strangers who are alledgedly  draining NPDC and siphoning funds allocated for job creation and empowerment of the youth of Niger Delta Region.

He should focus on reviving comatose economy – Akeem Folarin, marketer

He should focus more on the revival of our comatose economy. If he is able to revamp the ailing economy, many other things will fall into place. Unemployment will be reduced, economic prosperity will be given a boost and the overall situation in the country will be better.

He should beam searchlight on key sectors -Segun Adeleye, media consultant

Tinubu should beam his searchlight on all the key sectors. I don’t want to say he should focus on a particular sector. What about the others? Can we say other ministries be shut down and not budgeted for? What he should do is that he should ensure probity, accountability and transparency in all the ministries, so that they can perform and deliver his administration’s good governance. There are so many areas that require serious attention and Asiwaju must not hesitate to step on toes in order to make Nigeria work.

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