Serendipitous tale of Olajumoke Orisaguna and other matters

The serendipitous tale of Olajumoke Orisaguna is well known to most Nigerians, the bread seller/hairdresser turned model. She had happened on a street shoot by TY Bello, the celeb photographer, which eventually changed her life. Her story has shown that there is a supreme being who watches over the affairs of men.

Who orders the steps of mortals without their knowledge. Who steps in to change a hopeless situation for the better. It is what in literary terms would be called deus ex machina ( the God from the machine) which in Greek mythology is a supernatural occurrence to “save a seemingly hopeless situation”. That is exactly the story of Olajumoke, a hopeless situation of penury was changed overnight . If it not serendipity, I do not know what to call it.

Her life can no longer be the same. A mother of two, she had left her husband with one of her children in Iree, Osun state when things were hard up. Even the one left behind was taken to the grandmother to nurture. That was how tough it was. The polytechnic where she had most of her hairdressing patrons was not in session and this had slowed down business. Her husband, Sunday- an artisan who does aluminum work, wasn’t making much to sustain his young family with two kids. Olajumoke, thus embarked on the trip to Lagos “to do any work”, that would help sustain her family. She left with the youngest of her children. It was bread selling that happened to come her way.

Today, the story has changed. The world knows her story. International media is talking about Olajumoke. CNN, The Independent, The Telegraph, Syndney Morning Herald, all foreign medium have also feasted on her story, which has since gone viral. Trust Nigerians, different prayer points with Olajumoke’s good fortune properly inserted have equally gone viral. Everyone wants the same good fortune to come their way. Now, everybody wants to associate with Olajumoke. Within a short period of gracing the cover of ThisDay style magazine, she had featured in an online advertisement of Stanbic IBTC. She is also the brand ambassador of Payporte and Shirleys Confectionery.   A modeling contract has been offered to her by Few Model Management. Saris signature and Make Me Hair salon have also taken interest in her. A construction company, Sujimoto has given her a luxury apartment and has equally offered to train her. She will be trained in English Language and communication by Poise Nigeria. Olajumoke, according to her mother stopped schooling after her primary education, deciding to learn hair dressing.

All these are good and Olajumoke world seems made. But in everything, I have not heard much said about her husband Sunday. As Olajumoke is moving up and becoming a woman of the world, her husband should also develop along, if not, we would be creating a recipe for matrimonial disaster. Although Olajumoke’s husband does not feel threatened presently, “I am not afraid because when we had nothing, she was always there. If I said I needed this, she would give me. I am not afraid. If she is rich today, we both own it. I trust her for that. She has been a very good wife. I believe she will continue to be good”, was the way Sunday allayed the concerns, but it is still early days yet in the model’ upward trajectory.

What happens when the journey takes her beyond the present, where she had to associate with the high and mighty in the society? Where there are many temptations. Would she still be the good wife? Would she not eventually see that the aluminum maker as no longer good enough for her? It is thus quite important that as Olajumoke is being trained, her husband should equally partake.

Re: A thought for Charity Dazan

Last week, the management of the Federal Medical Centre responded to the piece on late Yaba College of Technology student, Charity Dazan who allegedly died due to what fellow students described as medical negligence. The response came through the Head, Corporate Services, H. H Etim, who attached a medical report of investigation carried out after the unfortunate incident. He said no amount was demanded or collected before attending to the patient.

The report is reproduced below:

“Miss Dazan Charity was a 27year old female student of Yaba College of Technology who was brought to the Accidents and Emergencies unit (A&E), with a referral note from the college clinic (or hospital) on the 10th February, 2016.

‘Patient was brought in the college ambulance in company of a nurse and friends (fellow students).

She was quickly assessed in the ambulance with poor light sources (dimed flashlights of phones) and was found to be severely pale and weak. She had an intravenous line in place with inappropriate dextrose saline infusion going on. It was replaced by FMC staff immediately with Normal saline infusion, right there in the ambulance. The need for a very urgent blood transfusion and donors was emphasized to the accompanying Nurse’.

She was taken into the A&E room with the aid of the ambulance stretcher.  She was in a more deteriorated condition. She was in shock. The process of reversing this circulatory collapse was commenced. Medication included intravenous Hydrocortisone, IVF (Normal saline). A second intravenous line was attempted to serve as route for more fluids and blood infusion as well as blood sample collections. Intranasal oxygen by nasal prongs was commenced. A request for emergency O-negative blood (screened) was requested for      in the laboratory.

Patient was noticed to be gasping for breath.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation was commenced.

She was certified dead 10 minutes after presentation @1.20am

The sad news was broken to the accompanying college Nurse and fellow students.

However, the colleagues of the deceased, in their denial state, will not allow the corpse to be shrouded for onward transfer to an outside mortuary.

They resorted to prayers and wailing. After much persuasion, the students insisted on carrying the corpse by themselves. The corpse was then taken away in the same college ambulance by Yaba

Tech students and accompanying college nurse”

No amount was demanded or collected before and after the aforementioned procedures.


•Dr Usman Olagoke, Head of A&E

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