Pistos pictures debuts ‘The Next Teen Star’ competition

By Adewale Sanyaolu

Pistos Pictures international, a multifaceted production company is promoting a programme called “The Next Teen Star”,  which offers teenagers opportunity to showcase their hidden talents and to grow to become future stars in all facets of life.

The programme which kicked off  in January and has registered many teenagers is expected to be formally inaugurated fromJune 17- 23 with fanfare in Lagos.

According to the organizer, Emmanuel Olabode, the programme aims to achieve the following: Empowerment which enables the teens to recognize their strengths and cultivate their skills.

Others are, “Guidance: Embrace opportunities that align with your aspirations.

“Inspiration: Foster a positive environment to thrive and develop a strong sense of purpose.

Olabode noted,”With godly principles integrated into our programs, we aim to inspire and equip the next generation of leaders to make a positive impact in their communities and beyond.”

Advising budding stars,  Olabode said, “Don’t miss this chance to be part of something extraordinary. Sign up now for “The Next Teen Star” singing competition and let your talent shine!.

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