Perfect Scents unveils Niche perfumes in Lagos

By Christy Anyanwu

A gathering of perfume connoisseurs, celebrities, royal fathers and fashionistas will today witness the formal opening of the flagship store. The highlight of the event will be the launch of Niche perfumes brand.

Chief Executive of Perfect Scents Designer Perfumes, MrsĀ  O. J Awa-Ibraheem, who addressed a select group of journalists explained why she decided to introduce the brand to Nigerians.

ā€œNigerians love luxury brands, they love to splurge on exotic fragrance and that makes them stand out. They are very conscious of luxury brands, and exclusive fragranceĀ  is the easiest and best way of getting peopleā€™s attention. Instead of jetting outside the country to get a bottle of these Niche fragrances, it is now closer to perfume lovers in the country,ā€ Awa-Ibraheem said.

There are different cadres of perfumes on display but the Niche brands are displayed in a separate rack by the corner of the shop to distinguish its class and uniqueness.

To stay abreast of Ā the latest trends in fragrance, Mrs Ibraheem said she ensures she travels to the United Kingdom, United States and the Middle-East for shows and exhibitions just to catch up with the nitty-gritty in the perfume world.

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