Nigeria’s first full-fledged aesthetic solutions unveiled

By Henry Umahi

Aesthetic healthcare in Nigeria received a boost recently with the grand opening of its first full-fledged aesthetic solutions distributor, Afrimed International, a subsidiary of Afrimedical Manufacturing and Supplies Limited, the largest syringe manufacturer in Nigeria.

At the event, the Minister of State for Health and Social Welfare, Dr Tunji Alausa, said: “As we celebrate this significant achievement, I urge all stakeholders in the healthcare sector to embrace these advancements and collaborate to make aesthetic healthcare accessible and affordable for all Nigerians.”

According to the minister, “Aesthetics in healthcare is not merely about appearance; it is deeply intertwined with our overall health and quality of life.

“These solutions will not only help individuals regain their physical appearance but also restore their confidence and mental well-being, contributing to a holistic recovery and improved life satisfaction.”

Alausa added that, in view of the importance of aesthetics in the country’s healthcare system, it will be regulated to create a safe and flourishing environment for businesses to thrive.

He said: “People are now more exposed. We have a population of 220 million and 55 per cent of the people are younger than 50 years. As a government, we have to be sure this kind of healthcare, with this huge population, is regulated, so we can create a very safe and flourishing business environment.”

Alausa commended Afrimed for being Nigeria’s first full-fledged aesthetic solutions distributor.

In his remarks, Mr Mofid Karameh, the Chairman of Mikano International, the parent body of Afrimedical, said every product coming from the organisation enjoys top quality.

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He said: “We have done a lot over the years and we will continue to do the best work. I am sure the product which is coming from us will be the best in the country.

“Our syringe manufacturing subsidiary, Afrimedical Manufacturing and Supplies Limited has one of Africa’s largest syringe factories, built following WHO standards, right here in Nigeria, with an annual production capacity of 1.8 billion syringes per annum.

“Our syringes are ISO certified and are sterilised using the latest Electron Beam Sterilisation technology.

“All our syringes are made using medical-grade plastic materials, which means they are produced using 30% less plastic than other syringes.”

The managing director of Afrimed, Mr Elias Chabtini, said the organisation will take advantage of technology to ensure customer satisfaction. He said: “Technology is moving fast and we came to Nigeria to create loyalty, the best service so that we actually elevate the education level of teams, practitioners, and partners so that we all grow together, on one hand, as loyal clients and [on the other] in supply relations.”

One of the guests, Ebube, a lawyer, commended the initiative. She told the *Daily Sun*: “We all know that looking good is good business. Everyone wants to look their best all the time. Everyone wants to look good, everyone wants to look younger, male and female.

“When you look good, it gives you confidence. You can meet anyone at whatever level and discuss issues. Afrimed got it right.”

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